Asus Aimesh Review: Is It Worth The Splurge? [2022]

If you are looking for a WiFi working station to improve the coverage, Asus ai mesh has become a popular choice. These days, the internet is essential for maintaining a day-to-day lifestyle. Whether it is your home’s private network or a workstation, a high-speed internet connection with good coverage ensures thorough connectivity. However, when you have a bigger house or larger area to cover, you may need two or three routers.

To enhance the coverage, they can be connected with a wireless mesh system. Asus Ai mesh is one such device that has been developed to provide such wide coverage. Asus has been known for its high-quality router technology and devices. The aimesh specifically is based on ASUSWRT firmware which is one of the most advanced technologies introduced by the brand.

This article aims to solve all the queries regarding the performance, its advantages and why it should be a good choice for heavy-duty users.

When you have two to three routers that are compatible with the ASUS aimesh, you can easily enjoy hi-speed internet from every corner of your home or workstation. The expanse is significantly higher than a singular router. Let us delve into the details about this technology and what you can expect by investing in it.

Did you know: Aimesh was previously known as the Amas project but was eventually renamed by Asus just like their Lyra technology which came to be known as HiveSpot.

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What is AiMesh?

Asus created Aimesh with multi compatibility property to connect more than one compatible Asus router at a time. Its supple quality to connect different Aimesh friendly routers allows it to create a bigger home mesh network. The Asus router can be an older version but it will still work as well as a new Asus router. This way you can buy an additional upgraded router but can still use your older version at a time.

Although it is a known fact that there are no set rules for a mesh system, the common factor about this new technology Aimesh and other similar mesh systems is that it focuses on the same set of qualities to achieve the final result. The most important property will be the self-optimization property, which focuses on analysing the various nodes connected to the network.

aimesh review

Also, additional nodes can be added that will help in opening more paths for the internet that will help in including more area which is not possible for a single router. Another important property is network consistency like if one of the nodes comes out accidentally the data speed will remain constant because the network will search for another router that will be nearest and will re router.

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Why Choose AiMesh?

  • Ethernet Connection 

To get a better WiFi connection and network configuration, the ethernet cable plays a vital role. One of the reasons behind choosing Aimesh is its ability to use an Ethernet cable. The default configuration of the aimesh lets you connect the ethernet easily, whenever it is available.

A wired connection is always preferred by the user as it gives a better speed experience, like that it also helps with a better speed for your mesh WiFi. So, the manufacturer designed the system making it compatible to use with an Ethernet connection. Also, the LAN ports are fully working even when it is in AiMesh mode.

The best part about the ethernet in the aimesh system is that when you configure it to the aimesh mode, the ethernet cable remains completely functional. Thus, the network speed is not reduced under any circumstances and you can enjoy a stabler connection.

  • Better WiFi Coverage

Providing better WiFi coverage is one of the main reasons you should choose Aimesh. Who doesn’t love high-speed internet Aimesh helps in uniting multiple wireless routers which can cover your whole house in a blanket of very strong WiFi signals? Aimesh has a total of ten modes that can choose the best link to connect to the nearest router. The main job of the nodes is to create communication between The AiMesh nodes and the WiFi to create a stronger network.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the prime reasons behind choosing AiMesh. As a WiFi system combines various Aimesh routers to create a stronger and bigger network it is also known for its flexibility. By flexibility, I mean the wide range of options it provides when it comes to picking up suitable hardware. You can choose hardware within your pocket pinch and it will just work the same as high costing hardware. Also, it provides the option of four Ethernet ports which we find missing in most of the mesh Systems.

In short, the flexibility provided by the Asus aimesh is significantly high which is another reason behind the popularity of the device.

  • Centralized system

The centralized management helps the entire mesh system start automatically once the main router is configured. This quality makes using the AiMesh easier as it only requires working on the main router. Also, The Asus router app keeps you updated about the number of devices connected and also controls all the mesh nodes in the system. This means you do not have to configure all the routers separately.

Thus, the overall configuration of the device becomes much easier. The centralization provided by the Asus aimesh system gives you much more control over all the devices connected through the nodes. Thus, you can quickly manage the network settings as well as troubleshoot the system whenever it is necessary.

  • High-Speed Consistent Connection

One of the reasons why the Aimesh setup is gaining popularity is its ability to stabilize the internet connection. You not only get greater coverage around the house but also the combination of multiple routers for better WiFi reception. The Aimesh functions more like an Enterprise Wireless Network that helps to get more access points.

Aimesh also gives you higher modes of the network and hence you experience more stable and faster connectivity.

Even if there are any kind of obstacles like other devices with radio frequencies and walls, the speed is not affected as such when the aimesh system is used for the connection.

  • Smoother Management

Unlike a WiFi mesh or extender, managing the ASUS aimesh setup is easier. You can configure the connection and its settings through the main router. Through it, you can easily sync the entire network that is available. The steps to do so are easy and well explained when you download the Asus Router Application. Through the application, you can check every device that is connected and access every mode.

  • Full ASUSWRT Features

The ASUSWRT features are lucrative to all ASUS router users as they have a variety of functions to offer. The Aimesh is built on ASUSWRT which means you get the full set of features offered by this technology. Unlike most WiFi mesh systems whose features are rather limited, aimesh have a plethora of features like VPN client, USB file sharing, Antivirus and more. Furthermore, Asus Aimesh is the only mesh WiFi system that is complete with the Unifi HyppTV and Maxis VOIP which is supported in Malaysia.

Pros of Asus Aimesh:

In a nutshell, one can derive several advantages associated with the Asus Aimesh compatible routers and the device itself:

  • The device helps to repurpose old routers. If the old router is compatible with the Asus Aimesh system, then you can connect it to the device to amplify your network coverage further.
  • Thanks to the full features of ASUSWRT, you can use the device with various configurations. The flexibility of the setup ensures you can configure it the best way required for your purpose.
  • The wireless performance is significantly good for maintaining a workstation with multiple devices.
  • In case you have a tri-band system, a 5Ghz radio is used for backhaul which means you get decent connectivity.
  • The ethernet backhaul is also very useful in case you want to connect it through cables to your devices.

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How to Setup AiMesh?

The aimesh setup is comparatively easier than other wireless mesh systems available today. Moreover, it can be configured and controlled through the central router easily. However, for this, you need to have a decent idea about how to set up the main router and the nodes. The first and foremost thing required is aimesh compatible routers for setting up the system. The following are the steps to setup the main router first:

  • The first thing required is to update your router to the latest firmware available. The Aimesh system is fairly advanced and hence the setup can be hindered if your router is not updated. You can easily find the latest firmware update from the Asus official website.
  • After this is done, install the update and then go to the factory reset settings. factory resetting your device will clean the memory and remove all the old configurations that your router had so far.
  • The firmware update will need some time. After it is done, you will have to configure the device with Aimesh Node setup.

The steps for Asus Aimesh Node setup are as follows:

  • Once the firmware is updated, you can connect to the aimesh node. However, ensure it is not connected using the ethernet cable.
  • After it is turned on, connect the aimesh to the main router in your system. This can be done easily with the aimesh application provided at the bottom of your screen.
  • Check the suitable nodes which are available for establishing the connection. This can also be done from the aimesh setup application. It can also be searched up from the aimesh network. However, ensure the node is available in a factory reset state. If not, it has to be factory reset first then the connection can be established.
  • The router should be able to detect the aimesh available. This requires some time. After it has discovered the Aimesh, it will first authenticate the connection and then end the process by establishing it. This entire process can take up to 10 minutes if the router is new and not recognised by the system.
  • The simplest way to speed up the process is to set up the aimesh closer to the main router. This way it can find the node quickly.
  • Once the process has been done, you will find the aimesh node present on the router. In case the node is not showing up, you will have to repeat the process once more.
  • You can also move the aimesh system to a better spot for network coverage. This is not mandatory but in case you are facing any trouble with the connectivity, this can usually help. The key is to get the maximum performance from the router which is only possible when your router and the aimesh are situated centrally in the workstation and at closer proximity.

Do note that you can set up 5 or more nodes but 5 is the maximum number of nodes advised to enjoy the stable connection. If the number is more than five, you may face slower internet and even disconnections from time to time.

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AiMesh Performance:

As you go through the Asus Aimesh review, the performance is the most crucial information you will look for. In the case of the aimesh system, however, the performance can be perspective. This means it largely depends on the router that is being connected to the system. Not all routers are compatible with the aimesh system. Furthermore, the router itself should be powerful enough to give you the best possible performance of the aimesh system.

The positive thing is, most of the Asus routers are noted for their high-quality superior hardware. Moreover, they get frequent firmware updates which make it efficient and robust enough for the connection.

The mesh backhaul of the aimesh system uses both the 2.4 GHz and 5ghz bandwidth. However, if you are using a tri-band model in the WiFi mesh system, the second 5ghz bandwidth is reserved as the dedicated backhaul channel which further enhances the mesh WiFi performance. The following are the primary criteria based on which the performance of the aimesh system is determined.

asus aimesh review

WiFi Roaming Performance:

The ideal WiFi mesh system can quickly switch to the best available WiFi signal around the house. The signal strength varies around the house depending on the distance from the WiFi system. Though seamless handoff ability is not supported by aimesh, roaming performance is well supported by the aimesh device. The best way to find this out is by roaming around your workspace with the connected device. Keep checking the connectivity all around the house. You will notice, the fluctuation is much lesser than what you experience when there is a single WiFi router. You will also notice that when you are walking in another direction much further from the present WiFi router connection, the phone will switch to another mesh node of the connection.

Furthermore, you can configure the settings according to your requirement through the ASUS router app. You can connect your device easily to the strongest network node available around you. Overall, the performance of Aimesh is significantly good when it comes to roaming.

Wireless Test:

Wireless testing of the Aimesh device is a bit tricky when you are using two diverse routers on the system for the test. First, you need to configure the routers to the main nodes and the subordinate nodes as well. Then you need to test the connectivity over distances, obstacles and locations.

Moving away from the router system or by crossing obstacles like walls check the fluctuation of the speed and connectivity. Most users who performed these tests noticed the connection was significantly stable especially when it is connected to the strongest node of the system. The speed can go down slightly after you cross 30 feet. The average speed is 730 Mbps at 5 feet from the router. A concrete wall or any similar solid obstacle can reduce the speed slightly, but the effect is negligible.

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The Asus Aimesh review remains incomplete without talking about the different updates and versions available. Though a relatively advanced technology, Asus aimesh have been upgraded further and there are several versions or updates available of it. The following are the updates available so far:

  • UPDATE 07.06.2018: This was the initial firmware update available for Asus Aimesh compatible routers. However, many users had complained that they faced connectivity issues after this update. This update was specifically for RT-AC68U and RT-AC86U routers which are both compatible with Asus Aimesh.
  • UPDATE 11.14.2018: This is the update that was available next to and provided a stable connection. However, the issue regarding the proximity of the devices with the aimesh system remained after this update.
  • UPDATE 08.28.2020: This is a custom update available from 2020 through Merlin Custom Firmware. Once you install this new update on a compatible router like the Asus RT-AC86U, you will notice that the router still remembers the previous configurations. However, if you experiment with removing the update, there may be connectivity errors. In short, it can be said that getting the aimesh and router combination right to enjoy the best possible internet facilities is the trickiest.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Aimesh better than repeater?

Repeater’s job is to retransmit the signal it has received whereas Aimesh creates wireless signals on its own so they are not similar and are not comparable. Repeater/AP mode has been around for a while and was used when more coverage was needed. However, the system was quite complicated to install. On the other hand, Aimesh is easier to administer as it can create wireless signals of its own. It requires ASUSWRT to function which can be easily downloaded from the website.

  • What does Asus Aimesh do?

Aimesh is a home mesh system launched by Asus that connects the power of various Asus routers at a time. It created better WiFi coverage and covers a larger area as multiple routers work together at that time. However, you will need compatible routers to get this service. Since Asus Aimesh generates signals of its own by connecting the routers, the system needs compatible and similar devices to run.

  • Which Asus routers work with AiMesh?

A major drawback about Aimesh is that it will only work with compatible routers. Most of the Asus routers are compatible with the Asus Aimesh. Among them, the most recommended options are listed below:

    • RT-AC86U
    • RT-AC68U
    • RT-AC5300
    • RT-AC88U
  • How many AiMesh nodes are there?

It is suggested to use at least five nodes. This number is decided based on all the nodes that connect to others through WiFi. Also, this number is ideal for the good performance of your WiFi. You can also set up a number higher than five including the main router and the other mesh nodes. However, many users complain there is a significant dip in the performance when the number of nodes crosses over five.

  • Can WiFi Mesh replace the router?

If the mesh system replaces the router the user has to depend on the built-in modem. This is why Ethernet cables are plugged into one of the modules in the very first step. Furthermore, the WiFi mesh is not necessary when transmission takes place in a smaller area. As a result, routers will remain relevant at least for places where lesser coverage suffices.

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The ASUS aimesh setup process is simple and user-friendly. The overall performance is also good enough for maintaining a heavy-duty workstation. You can enjoy a wider range of internet connectivity when you have one of these devices. By understanding the advantages associated with the device and how it functions, you can easily determine if it is the best choice for your purpose.

The ASUS aimesh review is to give you a detailed impression of its functioning. Once you have a clear idea, you can easily install it and get the maximum utility from it. Now that you know the reviews and have a clear idea about the device, you can determine what will be the best for your requirement.


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