Best Place to Put Router – The Ultimate Guide 2022

Irrespective of the router that you choose, its range will influence the stability of internet connections all over your home. The larger the area, the higher should be the range of the router. However, the range is not the only parameter to consider for the signal reception also gets affected by solid obstacles, as well as the position of the router.

As a result, the best place for your wireless router is an elemental point to ponder. There are several places around the house where you can place the router without restriction but to get the best coverage uniformly, there will be very few places.

Remote access to the internet is a very useful facility that lets you connect any device to a router. As the internet connection from any corner of the house. It is quick and hassle-free and especially neat since there are no wires involved. But to enjoy all this, you first need to position the router properly around the house. There are certain generic criteria to determine the best router placement.

In this article, we are going to share the best tips and suggestions for where to put a router and also different ways in which you can boost the overall speed of the WiFi.

wifi router placement

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What Exactly Is Remote Access?

To put it simply, remote access is a process through which an individual can access another computer from a geographical distance. This method is commonly used by authorized professionals who work for telecommunication or a branch office. With the help of some software and the internet, the person can get information from a computer which is far away from him.

Remote access helps remote users to get admission to files and other important data from another computer or server that is connected to a network. This method of remote accessibility makes it easy for employees to maintain business with other organizations over the world. It also increases the work productivity of an employee in a small time frame. The main plus point of using remote access is its flexibility, a user can use this method anytime anywhere he wants.

Remote access is very useful for professionals who have to resolve the issue of another computer from a distance. With the help of this method, the person can resolve the problems related to the software and system of the device.

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How to Find the Best WiFi Router Placement?

We all want to choose the best for our house. Just like that while looking for a router we want it to provide better signal and wider coverage for our house. But without choosing a good spot for your device all our work for finding the perfect routers may go in vain. Choosing the wrong WiFi placement affects the quality of signal we receive and results in slow and irregular internet service. Finding a suitable spot in your house is not a difficult job if you take care of some basic rules.

  • Place Your Router In A Higher Position:

The first mistake we make about placing our router is keeping it on the floor. WiFi possesses omnidirectional antennas which help in creating coverage all over the area near it. When you put your router on the ground the antenna gets disrupted by the furniture and other objects that are placed on the ground. To avoid such situations the best place for your wireless router is on a shelf or someplace which is higher from the ground. This way the WiFi signal can spread evenly without any disruption.

In the case of a two-storied building, the perfect spot for your router placement is either in the highest place on your second floor which is closer to the ceiling or on the floor of the second floor. Placing WiFi is easiest in a three-storied building as you can easily find the middle spot of the house which is the second floor. Putting your WiFi on the second floor of your house ensures that you get even coverage on the first floor and third floor.

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  • Find A Central Position For Your Router:

The waves and signals that we get from a router come out evenly in every direction. The antenna of a router is designed in such a way that it can radiate even signals all over the house. But if your WiFi is put in a corner or at the end of your house it is only natural that your device won’t cover your whole house or workspace evenly. In that case, you need to find a central position for your router to enjoy a strong signal.

Now the central position is normally determined depending on the size of your house. If you are living in an apartment then the middle room will be the best place for a router. Now you may still face a slight irregularity in your network but still it is much better to experience these little problems than a total disruption in your network.

router placement

  • Avoid Negative Impact From Other Devices:

It is best to avoid spots near some specific device when it comes to placing your WIFI router placement.  Some home electronic devices in your house like a baby monitor, microwave, cordless phones disrupt your WiFi signal because this device works in the same electromagnetic spectrum.

To avoid such situations, it’s best to place your router far away from these home appliances. Also, other WiFi networks around you can impact your WiFi signal, if they use a similar WiFi channel.

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  • Use a WiFi Analyzer App:

A WiFi Analyzer makes it simpler if you want to find the best place to put a router.  A common WiFi analyser like Netspot helps in finding the best spot with an accurate Signal heatmap. With the help of this Heatmap, you can easily find the spot which has the strongest signal and the area with a poor signal. This way you can just locate the best spot for your device and put your router in that place.

  • Position Your Antenna In The Right Way:

Properly positioning the antenna is the key to a strong signal. How you will position the antenna of your router depends entirely on the layout of your home. If you live in a two-story building it is best to point the antenna upward for better signal.  In case you have a router with a dual antenna then it is best to position one of the antennas sideways and the other one upward for even signal coverage.

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What are Some Other Ways to Boost WiFi?

Apart from finding the best place for the router, you must also find other ways to improve the speed of the internet to reap the maximum use out of it. The ISP or internet service provider and their capacity often affect the service you get. But when you know a few technical tricks to improve the network reception of your device, the problem can be sorted very easily.

The following are some of how you can get better and more consistent network reception at your home and boost the WiFi thoroughly.

  • Improve The WiFi Router’s Security Settings:

An open WiFi is vulnerable to hacking and unauthorized usage. When several such devices are connecting to your WiFi, the overall speed will get diminished and your internet connection will also become unstable. The same issue happens when your password is too predictable or you have not updated the default password used in a long time.

The primary problem with speed in all such scenarios arises when unknown third parties use your network. To improve the speed in such a situation, you will have to ensure that too many devices do not connect to the router at the same time, especially without your knowledge. By tweaking the security settings, updating the password and blocking suspicious users, this problem can be sorted.

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  • Using a WiFi Repeater:

As the name suggests, the WiFi repeater is a device, which enhances the range of coverage of your WiFi. When you connect the router to the WiFi repeater and place it strategically in any part of the house, you can easily extend the range of your existing WiFi router and enjoy stable connectivity around the house.

Not only does it offer stability, but it also improves the internet speed significantly. As a result, live streaming and entertainment stay uninterrupted all the time. However, do note, in case there is an internet outage in the region or there is an issue with the ISP servers that lead to slower internet, such extensions will not help.

best router placement

  • Upgrade To A WiFi Mesh Network:

This is another device that functions similar to a WiFi repeater. The WiFi mesh network comes with two or more routers which are designed such that you can place them at a certain distance from each other so that the range is expanded further as they connect.

The WiFi mesh system is a good choice for large estate homes and ranches where a considerably large area, indoors and outdoors, must be covered. The WiFi mesh system would not require determining the best placement for the router but unless you have a strong internet connection and good speed, the mesh system will not work either.

Also do note, for a personal or home network, the WiFi mesh system is rather expensive. It is more suitable for small to medium offices where there are more than four devices on average to connect daily.

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  • Reboot the Router:

Slow internet can simply result from a router that has got old and hangs with overloading. When there is too much data loaded in the router and it has not been refreshed in a while, the effect becomes evident on the internet speed.

  • First, check the internet speed by connecting through an ethernet cable. Use an internet speed testing website for this purpose. If the internet speed is fine with the wired connection but gets hampered when you connect through the wireless device, it indicates that the router needs to be refreshed.
  • You can do this by force refreshing the router. There is a small red button embedded a little deep at the back or beneath the router. Using a thin stick or needle, press and hold it down for a few seconds till the LED indicator goes out. Then turn it back on.
  • Initially, the LEDs will flicker. Wait till they are steady and solid. The router has been rebooting and is back to default factory settings. Now the speed should increase considerably.
  • Monitoring Apps And Websites Browsed:

Many apps and games and even websites tend to draw more bandwidth than others which can slow down the internet connection considerably. By controlling access to such websites and apps over your network, you can significantly stop the issue with slower internet.

You can take turns to access such a website when there are multiple clients’ devices for the network that are active. Also, limiting the duration of accessing such apps and websites is also a good solution. Otherwise, upgrading the network bandwidth will be the only option left to enjoy a high-speed internet connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where should you not put a router?

Never put your router near electronic home appliances like the microwave, baby monitor, Bluetooth headset, cordless phone as all these devices work on the same electronic spectrum as the router. To make it clearer all these devices and the router works on 2.4 GHz bandwidth and it will easily mess up the signal.

  • Does WIFI go through walls?

The signal goes through the wall but the problem is this thick concrete barrier weakens the signal. So, it is best to place your WiFi away from any thick wall to enjoy smooth internet service.

  • Where is the best place to put a WiFi router in a 2-story building?

If your house is a two-story building the best spot for your router on the first floor will be a place near the ceiling. The best spot on the second floor will be on the floor so that you can get an even signal all over the house.

  • What weakens WiFi signals?

Multiple factors work behind the weak signal of your router. It can be due to the wrong position, thick wall, overlapping signals or other devices that interrupt. All these factors cause poor WiFi signals.

  • Why is my WiFi so bad upstairs?

In a two-story house, it is quite common to find poor WiFi connections on the second floor. The prime reason behind this problem is the thick wall that falls between the two floors. This thick concrete wall stands as a barrier between the signal and weakens its strength.

best placement for router

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WiFi is the most popular internet connectivity solution these days and when you have a stable connection at home, a lot of work gets smoother. However, even when you own the best router from the most reputed manufacturer, unstable internet around the house is a common trouble.

By strategically placing the router around the house, you can get uniform connectivity at all places. The tips and suggestions shared here are easy to execute and also ideal for home networks.

Now that you have a clear idea about the influence router placement has on your connectivity, be sure to choose the best place for a wireless router in the house. Only this way can you ensure that maximum utility is experienced from the connection and the device.


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