How To Connect MagicJack To WiFi? [2022 Updated Guide]

These days, the internet is an elemental part of our lives as everything is done through it. With a wireless connection, you can also get access to the internet for multiple devices. However, the internet connection irrespective of the internet service provider can become slightly unstable from time to time. But fret not, many different extensions can help to improve this. One such option is the MagicJack.

MagicJack is a device that can be connected through the USB port to the computer and through a standard RJ-11 phone jack to the telephone. It is used to make cheaper international phone calls and also enjoy a stable connection. It can be connected to WiFi as well for the same purpose.

If you are wondering how to connect magicJack to WiFi, we have provided a detailed outline of the same in this article. Along with the steps to connect the device, we have everything about basic troubleshooting so that you can manage the device without any professional help.

When you have a stable internet connection along with these extensions, you can easily make the most of the internet connection. Your international phone calls will become easier to tackle and more cost-effective with this extension. Thus, those who frequently have to make international calls for personal or business purposes will find this a very useful device.

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How To Connect MagicJack to WiFi?

The first and foremost thing about magicJack devices is that they are versatile enough and can be connected to the telephone, computer and even directly to your router. It also works with a computer that has a wireless connection provided the wireless is connected to a DSL or a cable connection.

The device is connected to your computer, you will be prompted to start the installation. After it is completed, you can open the magicJack software on your computer. In the respective field, enter the number you want to call and dial it. You can dial any local or international phone number that is covered by the subscription along with the unique number provided with magicJack devices if you are trying to contact another magicJack user.

Here we are going to list the different ways in which you can install the device. But before you start the installation process, ensure your internet upload speed is a minimum of 128kbps. Also, do note that the features and facilities of the magicJack WiFi setup are dependent on the internet connection. Hence, if the internet is disconnected or unstable it will affect the quality of the call and also lead to abrupt disconnections.

Steps to connect magicJack WiFi to the computer:

  • Connect the magicJack device to the USB port of your computer.
  • Using a phone cable, you have to connect the telephone to the other port of the device. If the connections are properly done, your computer will automatically detect the magicJack device and the setup wizard will pop up on the computer screen.
  • The magicJack icon will appear on the home screen of your computer on which you have the double click.


  • Next, you need to click on the “click here now” button and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process. Once the installation is done, you have to register your magicJack device on their website. To do so, you must log in to the magicJack device using the credentials provided and then accept the terms and conditions of the service.
  • The installation and registration will take some time. You cannot close the window till it is completed. Once it is done, you must click on finish to end the process. Now you can use the software to make any local or international calls as per the subscription you have opted for.

magic jack wifi setup

Steps to connect with the router:

If you are wondering how to connect magicJack to WiFi, you have to go through the following steps:

  • Insert the magicJack device in your power adaptor USB port.
  • Use an ethernet cable or RJ-45 to connect the magicJack device directly with the internet.
  • Next, connect the magicJack device to the telephone using a phone cable.


  • Lastly, connect the magicJack device to a power outlet.
  • Using your computer or any mobile device go to the official website of magicJack to register the device.
  • Make sure the magicJack device and the computer are connected to the same internet connection.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration by providing the name, address and other such information.
  • An activation code will be sent to your device through the mail which has to be entered in the respective field. Once you enter the code, click on enter. You will also have to enter this code before making any call.

The setup is completed after this and you can place the calls without any hindrance now.

Replacing Vonage with MagicJack:

The installation process is slightly different when you are switching from Vonage to magicJack. There are many reasons behind making the switch such as the pricing. The following are the steps that you must follow to make the switch:

  • First, you must uninstall Vonage from your system as it will keep interfering with magicJack otherwise.
  • You can do this from the control panel of the device by opting for the “add or remove program” option and then removing the software.
  • Next, connect the magicJack device to your computer through the USB port and the telephone to the device using a telephone cable. The next steps are the same as that being followed to install magicJack on your computer.

Do note that you have to install the magicJack software on all the devices from which you wish to access the service. Also, magicJack does not work with dial-up and satellite internet connections. Also, the internet speed should be above 128kbps so that the installation can be completed without any interruptions.

Does that mean there is no chance of trouble or interruption while you are installing the device? Unfortunately, the device is not void of problems. But if you know the right troubleshooting methods, you can solve the issues quickly. In the next section, we have listed the potential; issues that you may face with the magicJack device and how to solve them. This way, you can ensure the device is working perfectly and without any interference.

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Troubleshoot During the Installation of the MagicJack Device:

There can be several issues that crop up when you are installing the magicJack device or after it has been installed. But they are also easy to solve when you have basic technical knowledge. Here we are going to list some of the common technical troubles that users complain about and also the relevant solution to them.

  • First, you need to contact your internet service provider to verify whether the modem is allowing you to connect to more than one device. Often users complain about 3002 errors which happens in case the modem does not allow multiple connections. It happens especially when you have installed the magicJack device. In such a case, you need to consult the internet service provider for the solution.


  • Often the problem arises when you are trying to install the magicJack device. It can be anything that is preventing the installation process from completing. In such cases, a third-party driver on the window will be required that is dedicated for the magicJack device installation. You will have to download a third-party driver from the internet.
  • Hardware problems are another issue that can hinder the installation problem. In case the magicJack go WiFi, setup is not detected by the computer, it is indicative that you are facing hardwire trouble. Check the ethernet cable or simply replace it. Also, try a different USB port to connect your device. Usually a hardwire problem gets sorted when any one of these issues is resolved. However, if the trouble is persistent, it can also indicate a defect in your magicJack device. In such a situation, you will have to connect with the manufacturer.
  • In case the magicJack device is directly connected to your router, there can be installation issues because of the firewall. While the installation is ongoing, it is best to disable the firewall and complete the procedure. Since it is a USB device, this problem can arise as it is being directly connected and often recognized as a potential threat by the firewall.

These are the most common troubles that users complain about. However, issues such as the country not being covered under a magicJack subscription or how to connect magicJack to WiFi in such cases can be sorted by consulting the professionals behind the service. Usually, the company provides discounted prices to call to countries that are not covered through their usual magicJack subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is magicJack used for?

The magicJack device uses the VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol to let you make local as well as international phone calls to the US, and Canada using the existing internet connection. As a result, the call rates are much cheaper. These calls can be made using the regular telephone as well as your computer, provided the device is connected to it.

  • Does magicJack work with WiFi?

The magicJack device can be used with a computer that has a WiFi connection. To do so, the WiFi should be connected to a broadband internet connection like cable or DSL. To access the facility from your WiFi-enabled device, connect the magicJack device to the computer and once it is set up properly, the software will open where you have to dial the number where you want to call.

  • Can I plug magicJack directly into my router?

The magicJack device has a USB port as well as the RJ-11 standard telephone port. you can directly connect it to your computer or router using the USB port. Once it is connected it will provide VoIP call facilities anywhere throughout the United States and Canada. You can install it either to use with the computer or with your router.

  • How many phones can you connect to a magicJack?

There is only one telephone port with a single magicJack device and hence one can be connected initially. However, you can also connect two telephones to the device if you have the correct adaptor for the purpose. But do note, a maximum of two phones can be connected and not more than that.

  • Can I use my cell phone with magicJack?


Yes, you can also use your cell phone with magicJack. If you have a magicJack device, you can set it up on your smartphone as well with the magicApp. You must be an existing magicJack customer to use the facility. The magicApp is compatible with android and iOS and you can easily install it on your device and enjoy the flexibility of making international calls at a cheaper rate from your smartphone directly.

  • How do I transfer my MagicJack calls to my cell phone?

You can also transfer the magicJack calls directly to your cell phone by tweaking the settings from your account. Login to your magicJack account and click on “call forwarding”. After this enter the cell phone number where you want the calls to be forwarded. You can also put in the You mail deposit number as the forwarding number to use the facility.

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Now that you know how to connect magicJack to WiFi, you can easily get the maximum utility from your WiFi connection. The cheaper call rates along with stabilized connection ensure that you face no issues irrespective of the work. This is a very useful device for personal as well as business connections.

Thus, by learning the setup process, you can easily skip relying on professional help regarding the same. The overall experience is smooth when you also have basic knowledge of troubleshooting for the magicJack wireless router. Enjoy cost-effective internet and phone call facilities for years to come when you have a clear idea about the magicJack device and its setup process.


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