How To Setup A Router – Complete Guide [2022 Updated]

If you are looking to buy a new router or have already bought one and you have no idea how to set up a router, you can check out the guide we have mentioned here. The process is pretty simple and anyone with little or no knowledge about networking can easily understand and set up a router at your or office. 

The entire credit goes to the manufacturers who have made it easier for everyone to now install the configure a router without any help from any technician. Well, most of the routers these days have the same process for setting up and installation, and all of this takes. Once you have plugged in all the wires, you simply need to use the web interface and configure the system to get your internet connection. 

Moreover, most of the brands these days have mobile applications that make it a lot more convenient to make any changes to the router or use all the features that come with it such as parental control, guest network, blocking sites, keeping in check on the number of devices connected, etc. All of this is possible only if you have a router that you found perfect to fulfill your purpose. However, you can still check out multiple guides and choose one before moving one with the steps given below.

Let us now look at the guide on how to set up a router and everything you need to know.

how to configure a router

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Wireless Router Setup and Configuration:

The foremost aspect that you need to cover before we can head over the steps one by one is to know more about the wireless router setup.

  • Placement and Physical Setup:

In order to set up a wireless router, you must have all the wires and a proper location that you need to choose before you can proceed with it. The first process that we will learn more about in the next steps involves setting up the router physically first. For this, you need to make sure you have the perfect location as you cannot simply set up anywhere in your house without proper thought.
Some other tips that you must be aware of during a router setup is that you should avoid any direct contact with metal, glass, or any other object that might weaken the signal to start with. A lot of users tend to ignore this important consideration and thus it leads to poor signal strength and loss of speed. To set up the router, you will need a modem along with it, if you haven’t bought one yet, you can still order one and then head over to the steps.

  • Router Configuration:

Another important aspect that every user must be aware of is the configuration part of the router. The process is easy, you only need to follow the steps as provided and enter the details as needed to get your internet connection. Most of the routers you will come across have the right ID, password, as well as IP address that you can open to access the web interface. Once you get access to it, you can choose to set up the dual bands network i.e. 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This is only a very basic setup that you need to do. If we go further for any advanced features you can also look forward to setting up a guest network, filter the MAC addresses, parental controls, and a lot more.

router configuration

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How to Setup a Router- Step by Step:

Well, here we are with all the steps that you need to take on how to set up a router. As we mentioned, the methods are very simple, however, make sure you know what we have mentioned here so that everything takes place as it should be.

  • Step 1: Find the best Location

The foremost aspect that every user might ignore most of the time is to find the perfect location to set up the router and the modem. Well, according to use, it is always better to place the router in an open area with minimum disturbances. Also, make sure it is somewhat in the center of your home or at least the closet where it can cover the maximum area and connect most of the devices. Make sure you do not place it on the floor but rather on an even surface.

  • Step 2: Connect the Router to the Modem

The next step here is to make all the connections required to get it going. It not only involves connecting the router to the modem but also setting up all the wires such as plugging in the modem as well as the router to their respective adapters. Many users might have a single device for both the router and the modem (Check out our reviews on Best Modem Router Combo), hence there will be a lesser number of wires used in such situations.

Also, you will need to connect the WAN port from the modem to the router which is for the Internet connection. While the LAN ports are to connect with the devices in your home or office. So make sure you have made the right connection. Switch it on and wait for the LED lights that will help you understand the connection.

  • Step 3: Router Configuration

In the next step, you will learn how to configure a router. If you already have set up the router and the modem or know how to do so, you can directly skip to this step. For this, you need to have the designated router’s IP address that you can find on the back of the router with the ID and password to the gateway. The most common IP address that works with every router is or
Open it on your browsers and enter the ID & password provided to you. With the help of the web interface, you can make your desired changes as needed. If your router has a mobile app, the process is a lot easier for configuration. Here you can download the app and set up the SSID and password, manage the traffic, and all the other features conveniently.

  • Step 4: Assign and Create SSID & Password

Now, since you have logged in to your router’s interface, you can now set up your WiFi’s name and password. If your router has a dual-band network, you can create two networks that are for 2.4GHz and 5GHz separately. This particular feature is your WiFi name and password that you will use to connect to your devices. Make sure it is unique and not everyone can crack it.
Moving on, you can choose to either keep the WPS option switched on or off, But it is recommended to keep it off for security purposes as it is pretty simple to hack the network. Once you have made all the changes you need, you can now also change the password to your web interface so that not everyone can access it.

  • Step 5: Use Auto-Configuration

Well, if your router is provided by an ISP, you need not worry about setting up the network from their end. The people concerned will provide you with the id and password to their network and make it easier to set up. Moving, on it is recommended to use the auto-configuration feature where the router manages the IP address with the HDCP by itself and you might not have to worry about it while setting up the router.

  • Step 6: Connect the Devices

Now, simply save all the settings and reboot your router. This will change all the settings and you can now connect your devices directly to the wireless connection. Simply enter the password and you are good to go. For wired connection, use LAN ports that provide faster connection and better signal strength.

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Steps for Troubleshooting the WiFi:

If you have been facing errors or issues with your router, the best way to fix it is by troubleshooting the WiFi. Well, here are the methods you can follow to troubleshoot your WiFi.

  • Step 1: Turn off your Wireless Connection

The very first step that you need to follow if your internet connection isn’t working is by disconnecting your device. Now, once it is disconnected, simply make a wired connection directly to your computer or your laptop using an Ethernet cable to check the connection further.

  • Step 2: Restart your Computer and Router

The most basic and foremost step that you must take to fix your internet connection is by simply restarting your router. You can either do it from your mobile application or directly switching off and then on the router from the main source. Many times, there could be a drop in connection and this just might fix the issue. Also, it is better to also restart your computer so that any possible outcomes can be noted.

  • Step 3: Check for the Cables

Next up, you can simply check all the wires if they are properly connected as they should be. Many times, the wires do get loose or due to any given circumstances can disconnect. Hence make sure all the cables are connected to and you can even try and remove all the cables and reconnect them just be extra sure.

  • Step 4: Connect your WiFi with other devices

If your device is the only one that has been facing the issue, it is better to confirm by testing the router with other devices. Hence simply connect the other devices to the Wi-Fi and see if it works or not. This way you can rule out any possibility.

  • Step 5: Contact your ISP

Lastly, if nothing seems to be working or the issues are related to slow speed or poor signal strength, you can directly contact your ISP and ask them to resolve the issue if at all. There are multiple times when there is a loss in connection from their end itself leading to such issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

  • How long does it take to set up a router?

Well, it depends on the router you have and what all circumstances you are in. Other than that, if you are following the process as we have mentioned, it will hardly take minutes and you can easily use the Internet connection. Furthermore, simply read the steps carefully and the process will be as easy as you might think.

  • Can you get WiFi with just a router?

The practical answer to this will be no you cannot simply use a router plugged in for an internet connection. To make the router work, you need some Internet connection to provide to a lot of people. For this, we use a Modem that is then connected to a router and transmit the data from one device to another. If you already have a router-modem combo, well the router will work just fine.

  • How do you obtain an IP address for the router?

The IP address of any router is mostly the same and is the most common one used. You can go for or if you do not have the correct one. To make sure that you are going in the right direction, you can also check out the IP address on the back of the device with the ID password along with it.

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Final Verdict:

Here is everything you need to know on how you can connect a router and set up the structure. If you are new to this, it might seem way too overwhelming to start with, however, with our guide, it will become a lot clearer on what needs to be done. You can start off by buying a router and a modem and with that some Ethernet cables too. If you already have one, you can directly jump over to the steps you have to take so that you can set up your WiFi as well.

The setting up process is not a tedious task, but it might take time to configure the router as there are a lot more things to know about than just the WiFi connection. You can choose to have parental control, manage the connections, guest network, etc. If you face any issue in the future regarding your router or anything, you can let us know in the comment section and we will get back to you.


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