How to Fix the Orange Light on Router – 5 Ways [2022 Updated]

It’s all fun and games when things work the way they are meant to, however, it becomes extremely annoying when it goes the other way. For example, if your router works fine and the ethernet lights lit up how they are supposed to, then it’s great. But it gets complicated if the light blinks or changes its colour and you don’t know what to do. What does the orange light on the router mean? Why is this happening? How can I fix my router? If you have heard asking yourself these questions, then we recommend you to keep on reading as we provide answers to them right here in this article.

But before moving forward, you should know that the fixes and information that we have given below may differ from one router model/brand to another. And there could be several reasons why there is an orange light on the router. Hence, we suggest you know the reason you encounter a router light orange and then fix it accordingly.

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Why Do We Encounter Orange Light On Router?

There are various reasons why you may encounter the internet light orange and we are here to tell you all about it. But before that, it is important for you to know what all lights are there on your router and what they indicate.

For starters, there are three LED light colours that all routers have. Although different router models and brands may convey different messages with the same light, the default indication is as follows:

  • Green: The green LED light typically indicates that your router is running perfectly fine and the device needs no repairing.
  • Red: The red LED light on the router clearly indicates some sort of warning that it is in need of some repair.
  • Orange: Now, as far as the orange light on the router is concerned, you must first check whether it is a steady light or blinking. If the light has been a steady one for more than two/three minutes then it means that there must be a fault in your firmware.

However, if the light blinks continuously then it means that there is a connection error with the internet service provider. Do keep in mind that this is the default reason, and in some routers, the blinking internet light orange may also mean slow internet speed. The blinking orange light may sometimes also indicate that you entered an incorrect network username and password. Another reason for router internet light orange may be an indication of USB devices; either the ethernet cables are not connected properly or the router prepares the USB for LAN use.

Why Do We Encounter Orange Light On Router?

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways in which you will notice that your internet light is orange on your router; first being steady and secondly a blinking orange light. We have devised a few solutions for both, steady and blinking orange light on the router. Keep on reading to know about them:

  • Resetting The Router:

Whether you encounter blinking or steady orange light on the router, the first, foremost and most optimal solution for the issue is to reset the router. The orange light may be an indicator of wrong router settings and it is not something to worry about because a lot of people face the problem of setting up their router in the initial days.

There are two ways in which you can reset your router and they are as follows:

  • You can find the reset button on most of the routers at the back of it. All you have to do is press the reset button for a few seconds, 10 seconds for example. Give a few minutes to your router and let it stay powered off and then you can restart it. This method of resetting doesn’t usually take much time, hardly five minutes, but every router has different speeds.
  • If you find your ethernet light orange no internet then maybe a different resetting approach for your router can help resolve the issue. This method is known as the 30-30-30 reset rule and router power cycle and it has been tried and tested by a lot of people that faced the orange light issue.

This method allows your router to take some rest if it has been overloaded with continuous activities and it started to perform slower than usual. The 30-30-30 reset rule is pretty simple where you first press the reset button for 30 seconds and make the router stay OFF for 30 seconds. Make sure that the router is ON for this process to work. Now, take the plug of your router out from the outlet and wait for another 30 seconds. Then, plug back in your router and wait for another 30 seconds till you finally restart the router. Also, to make this process even more effective, you can hold on to the reset button the whole time and leave it only when it restarts.

Hopefully, now you will be able to see the orange light is gone. If not, read the next fix for the issue.

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  • Updating Router’s Firmware:

Sometimes, remember, only sometimes, if your router’s firmware is outdated, you can possibly encounter orange right on the router. If it is not updated on time, it may also stop being compatible with your connected devices. These updates are necessary as they come with enhanced and improved performance for your router. Just like your phone needs an update from time to time, your router needs it as well.

Moreover, these updates hardly take up your time, you can put your router on update when it is not being used. This way you won’t even notice when the job is done. The process of updating the firmware is pretty straightforward.

  • Firstly, check if there is any firmware update available.
  • If you have found an update, make sure to proceed with it in order to resolve the router light orange issue.
  • There are two easy ways to update firmware: you can either visit the router’s supplier website and download/install the latest or available firmware with the help of your mobile browser. You could also manually update the firmware by accessing the windows update settings.

  • You can change the settings to automatically update the firmware or do it by yourself whenever one is available.

It is highly recommended to update to the firmware’s latest version so as to avoid being outdated and experience the enhanced working capacity of the router.

  • Reconnecting LAN Cable:

One of the most common reasons behind your internet light orange is the undone LAN connection cable. If you find that the orange light is a steady one on your router, you should look into this. When you have a loose LAN cable connection, you will notice that your router will face the issue of connecting itself to the internet.

To ensure you resolve the orange light issue, you need to establish a secure and proper internet connection. And for that, you must ensure that the ends of the LAN cable are tightly fastened and secured. In order to reconnect the LAN cable, firstly you need to remove the LAN cable. Then you should wait for a few seconds to re-establish the connection.

If you find that the connection is alright yet the orange doesn’t seem to disappear, you should check for any sort of damage. Cable damages can be easily unseen but you must make sure that it doesn’t happen to you.

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  • Fixing Minor Issues:

Most of the time it’s the small, minor issues that slip our minds. We often waste our time trying to apply bigger solutions to our problems when in fact there are simpler solutions to the same issues. Here are a few minor issues that you can look into to resolve the router internet light orange:

  • If you are using a surge protector for connecting your router to the power outlet or source, stop doing that immediately. As you know, with surge protectors, electricity flow is distributed among other connected devices as well. Now if you have also connected a few other devices across the power source for the router, there might be an imbalance in the power distribution. Hence, it is advisable to use a different and isolated power outlet for your router.

  • If you have used your router continuously all day and night, and find the orange light on the router, give it a rest. This is because due to all the continuous usage, the router has become the victim of overheating. Overheating or frozen software issues can easily be resolved if you give some break to your router.

All you have to do is, when the router is still ON, just press down the power button. You can find this button on the front panel of the router. After turning off your router, wait for at least 30-60 seconds and then turn it on again. Once the router has been cooled down, you probably will notice the orange light being disappeared.

If you find that even after letting it rest for some time the overheating hasn’t stopped, you can consider shifting the router to a well-ventilated area. In this area, you should make sure that there is enough cool air so that the heat can be displaced. If it takes a lot of time for a router to cool down and the ventilated area doesn’t make your router signals reach towards you, you can consider getting a wifi extender for that matter.

This way, you can keep on using the wifi router from a distance and also give the router a cool place to rest and recover.

  • Calling For Help:

If you have literally tried everything and yet you see that your internet light is orange, the last and probably the best thing you can do is call for help. Arrange a call with your internet service provider and check with them whether there has been an outage of the service nearby. If you can’t seem to reach them, you can also go to their official website and look for announcements of the outage, if they have made any. Whenever there is any sort of maintenance going on from your service provider’s end, you may encounter orange light on the router.

Although even if this doesn’t help, you can always call for help from your internet service provider. Maybe a specialist from the service provider’s team can come to your house and fix the issue. You always have support from your service provider if you have a problem that is beyond your understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does an amber light on a router mean?

Mostly, the issue of orange light on a router is common. However, if you encounter a blinking or steady amber light on the router, it usually means that you have a slow internet connection. For this, you can contact your internet service provider and resolve the issue.

  • What do the lights on the WIFI router mean?

Generally, there are three kinds of LED lights that you will find on your router. Green light typically indicates that the router works fine and that the connection is securely made. Red light indicates some kind of error or disconnection and the router is in need of repair. The orange light indicates faulty firmware, slow internet connection, and incorrect ethernet cable connection.

  • Why is my Ethernet port blinking orange?

If the router’s ethernet port is blinking orange, then it usually indicates that there is some sort of activity going on between your router and the modem. It is also possible that the blinking is due to speed issues. You can contact your internet service provider and get the slow speed issue resolved.

  • What does orange light mean on the Nighthawk router?

An orange light on a nighthawk router indicates a slow internet connection. You can easily resolve this issue by resetting the router. But if it is not resolved by restarting, you can try rebooting both the modem and the router. Or you can contact your internet service provider and check for internal issues if none of the solutions works.

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Before rushing into getting solutions, it is always wise to get to the root of the problem. We have stated the possible reasons for the orange light on the router as well as their solutions. We hope that with these solutions, you can now enjoy seeing the orange light change into a green one. But remember, that these are just general solutions for almost all router brands and models. If you have an advanced problem, you can always contact your service provider.


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