AC1200 vs AC1750: Is There Any Difference Between Them?

Imagining life without Wi-Fi today is next to impossible. The technology of the internet is rapidly evolving and as a result, Wi-Fi is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. From home to office to even public places, a stable internet connection can make every little work easier, which is why having a good Wi-Fi router and connection is important.

Setting up the internet for multiple devices around the room can get thoroughly messy and confusing when so many cables are involved. But using a Wi-Fi access point eradicates the problem. You get a clean and organized office or home without having to worry about tugging and pulling at a bunch of wires. But now that we have ample routers available in the market, the  major concern for users is which device is appropriate for them.

As the technology becomes more complex, we have Wi-Fi mesh systems today where two or more Wi-Fi routing nodes together form a cluster to which the client can connect. The result is a much higher speed of the internet.

“ACxxxx” specification is associated with this and denotes the speed you get from the internet. In this article, we will discuss in detail to help you choose between ac1200 vs ac1750.

Comparison Table


  • The performance of an AC1200 router is quite good in the domestic environment and you get uniform bandwidth on all the client devices.
  • AC1200 allows dual bandwidth connectivity so if the router’s capacity is high, speed will be optimum with this specification. Mobile devices and laptops can be run best with it.
  • The AC1200 Wi-Fi mesh system can handle several client devices at once.


  • The performance of AC1750 has a high-speed bandwidth and as a result, it is powerful enough for large homes and even smaller offices.
  • Ac1750 also offers dual bandwidth of 2.4ghz and 5Ghz. The 5Ghz in a decent router can give up to 1300 Mbps speed in reality which is quite good for gamers and live to stream.
  • The same goes for the AC1750 Wi-Fi mesh system however the capacity can be even more depending on the router model.

Reviews For Both AC1200 And AC1750 Routers

Every technology comes with a set of pros and cons and AC specification for Wi-Fi is no exception. Hence, when you are choosing between AC1200 and AC1750, it is important to tally the pros and cons associated with each to make the correct decision.

There are several models of AC routers and the performance you get is largely dependent on the features and specifications of the model and not just the bandwidth it supports.

TP-link routers are some of the best-selling products available today and they have models which are compatible with Ac1200 and AC1750 respectively. The models are TP-Link AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router (Archer A7) and TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit Wi-Fi Router (Archer A6).

TP-Link AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router (Archer A7)

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Adorned with the JD Power Award for highest consumer satisfaction for wireless router, the Archer A7 works with Alexa and is compatible with all Wi-Fi devices that run on 802.11ac and older. It supports dual bandwidth and you can get 450mbps internet speed for 2.4gHz and 1300 Mbps for 5gHz with it.

The range is also commendable, thanks to the three external antennas. The design of the router is very sleek and sturdy enough and it comes with a 2 years warranty. Overall, the device is a good choice for the private network as well as for small businesses.

  • Pros
  • The price is reasonable despite the high-end specifications.
  • The internet speed does not fluctuate easily as it has dual bandwidth.
  • The wireless performance is superior, especially within a reasonable distance.
  • Four Lan ports let you enjoy wired connectivity without interruption as needed.
  • The router is very easy to install and comes with a proper user manual.
  • Cons
  • It does not support MU-MIMO.
  • File transfer rate can fluctuate when the client device is almost at the borderline of the Wi-Fi range.

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TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit Wi-Fi Router (Archer A6)

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The Archer A6 Router is the perfect choice for a private network with a 300mbps transfer rate on 2.4 GHz bandwidth and 900 Mbps on 5gHz bandwidth. It supports MU-MIMO technology which is a great advantage as you can connect multiple client devices simultaneously without overloading the internet speed.

It is a budget-friendly router but comes with superior technology and features that enable a smooth and fast internet connection for your home. The warranty period of the router is 2 years and has four external antennas which boost its range manifolds.

The modem is quite slim in terms of design but the antennas are fixed which can be a disadvantage for some users.

  • Pros
  • There are four LAN ports.
  • The 5gHz performance is particularly noteworthy for this router.
  • It supports MU-MIMO technology which makes live streaming and similar constant internet-based activities smoother.
  • The price is reasonable compared to the features you get.
  • The router is very easy to install with the TP-link tether app.
  • Cons
  • The antennas are fixed and non-removable.
  • There are no USB Ports.

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In short, when you compare both routers, they have distinct features as well as several similarities. However, in terms of performance, the Archer A6 has a slight edge over Archer A7 for supporting Mu-MISO.

However, Archer A7 supports AC1750 which means with a standard network connection, you will anyway get some awesome streaming and lightning-fast data transfer with the device.

Similarities of AC1200 and AC1750

Now that we have discussed the differences in the features of ac 1750 vs ac 1200, we will share the similarities too. The similarities between them are also parameters that let you decide which is the ideal choice as you’re the network and connectivity requirement you have.

The primary differences between the AC bandwidth are in terms of speed. Here we have listed the similarities based on several criteria as well:

  • Technology

The technology used by routers with AC1200 or AC1750 bandwidth is quite similar and equally advanced. The 802.11ac standard Wi-Fi technology is used for routers with these bandwidths. As a result, you can get the optimum performance through 5Ghz band support.

  • LAN and WAN

The AC1200 and AC1750 both support a similar number of ETHERNET ports and WAN ports. You can establish a greater number of connections as well. However, since the AC1750 bandwidth is higher in terms of internet speed, the capacity to maintain stable connectivity on multiple client devices is better for the routers with the specification of AC1750.

  • Dual-band

When you compare ac1200 vs ac1750 the bandwidth compatibility is another factor to draw the comparison. Both the specifications support dual bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. As it supports two bandwidths, the network connection is significantly stable and you get a faster routing network.

Which Is Ideal For Your Usage?

While there are several similarities when you compare ac1200 vs ac1750, they still have some differences and the choice between the two must be made after deliberating on the requirements you have.

The primary difference is in the speed you get from AC1200 bandwidth and AC1750 bandwidth. Ideally, you can expect 1200 Mbps and 1750 Mbps respectively by looking at their respective specifications. So, you get a higher network speed from AC1750. However, whether it is necessary depends on the purpose you have.

Both AC1200 and AC1750 works well for live streaming, online gaming and any other heavy-duty internet activity. The connectivity is stable enough when you are within the stipulated range of the router. However, if you have a higher number of client devices connecting to the router, choosing AC1750 is prudent.

Hence, the thing to consider is whether the router will be used for a personal network or a professional one. A private network where the number of client devices is limited, AC1200 will suffice without overloading. But if you want the router for a small business setup and need a stable connection for several client devices, a higher bandwidth like AC1750 will be more suitable.


AC is the term that is referred to as the wireless standard. This term always comes with a number that refers to speed. The term AC is used to indicate that the Wi-Fi is supported by the 802.11 AC or Wi-Fi 5 networking standard. The ACxxxx just indicates the different speed and bandwidths you get from the wifi5 standard.

The Archer A6 will be a good choice as a private use router. It has dual bandwidth and the MU-MI technology ensures that you get faster internet access. Also, the fixed four external antennae cover a large area.

To understand which one of the routers is better we need to understand its different aspects. The AA routers are newer technology compared to the N. The AC can go up to 13000mbps whereas the N is 450 Mbps in speed. Next, is the band range: the AC router has a higher band of 5 GHz but the N has a 2.4 GHZ which is the lower band.

Theoretically a lower band travels further but it doesn’t make much difference in range in your house as all the other devices run on the 2.4 GHz range and the higher band doesn’t get interrupted. So, buying an AC router is wiser.

The 802.11 AC and the 802.11 N have a difference of 6 years in terms of technological advancement. The AC took so much time to work on their network speed and it came out to be one of the fastest routers.

Next comes the band range: the AC router provides both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz band range where N provides 2.4 GHz. Though the speed of the AC router is higher, the Wi-Fi covers lesser ground compared to N.

There are two different modes in the 802.11 standards. One will be infrastructures mode and another one is ad hoc mode. The ad hoc mode is comparatively higher.

Final Verdict

The AC Router series has several features that make them stand out from the conventional routers available today. The high speed and the uniform connectivity even over a long-distance make these routers exceptional. But when it comes to choosing between ac1200 vs ac1750, it comes down to the usage you require, the router model and the type of connection.

Concluding what we have learnt so far, it can be said, AC1750 models of the router have a slight edge over the AC1200 ones because the internet speed is considerably higher.

So, when it is a choice between these two types of ac 1750 vs ac 1200, it is best to determine your requirement first and then make an informed decision regarding the best choice.


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