Arris Surfboard SB8200 Review [2022]: How Well It Competes With The Modern Day Modems?

Whenever someone is on the lookout for a modem, the major reason behind it is that they need a fast technology that powers their space, be it an office or their home. What these people do not realize is that they are not just powering their space but are also saving some serious money on rental fees which is charged by their internet cable service provider. Now that you know the biggest advantage to getting your own modem, let us introduce you to the one which is a personal favourite of ours as well as so many other people; Arris Surfboard sb8200.

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If you are looking for something that offers great speed, stability, reliability, and other fun stuff such as gaming, then this arris surfboard sb8200 review will be helpful.

Not a lot of people know about this, but Arris sb8200 was among the first-ever modems to support both the DOCSIS 3.1 standard, which is the newer version, as well as the DOCSIS 3.0 standard, which is the older version. This change was beneficial since it allowed people to make the full use of their download speed that was available from their internet service provider.

When surfboard sb8200 was first launched, it created a whole new hype around the market and the people. But since then, a lot of new and improved modems have emerged so the question that remains is that, is it any better when compared to its competitors? Let’s find out.

ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 Reviews

  • Design

In our arris sb8200 review, the first thing that we want to talk about is its design and looks. The overall look of this modem is very basic but elegant. It has a whole white vibe going on and since lighter colours like white often have a softer impression as compared to bold colours and they just go with any furniture in the house. Other than the colour, it has a plastic case and a matte finish, which is good in the sense that it won’t retain any fingerprints. Plus, the modem is very small, lightweight, and compact in size since it measures 5.13 x 1.7 x 5.25 inches only.

The case in which the actual modem is present gives an impression of two different pieces and these two pieces leave narrow canals in between them. This is actually a good thing as it indicates the modem is designed in a way that solves the problem of overheating. Since overheating is what most people avoid in their modems as it reduces the overall performance with time, surfboard sb8200 is a good option to consider.

  • Setup

One thing that so many people struggle with when they buy a new modem is its setup which is what we are going to talk about next in our sb8200 review. What goes wrong a lot of times is that the company fails to provide proper instructions or even a manual guide. But with surfboard sb8200, you get a specification list, user guide, and a user manual. This modem is very quick and extremely easy to set up even if you are new to all this technical stuff. It’s a three-step procedure in which you have to connect the cables such as the coaxial cable, the ethernet cable, and the power adapter, then activate the modem with the help of your internet service provider, and lastly, connect to a wifi router and you are done!

  • Performance

Next up in our arris surfboard review, we would like to address a very important aspect of a modem which is its performance. Performance is one factor which we like to focus upon the most when looking for the best modems in the market. What if a modem looks awesome and dope but doesn’t perform well? You won’t ask such questions about surfboard sb8200 because it won’t disappoint you. It is one of the best-known modems in terms of providing the fastest, efficient, and reliable internet speeds. What’s more is that with the help of the link aggregation system, the overall performance of this modem has really boosted. This combination has resulted in giving a total bandwidth of 2 GB, which is INSANE. You can expect 4K ultra HD video streaming, virtual gaming experience, and really fast internet connectivity because of this added mechanism.

sb8200 review

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  • DOCSIS 3.1 with 32 x 8 channel bonding

The arris surfboard sb8200 modem features a new and improved DOCSIS 3.1 technology that offers channel bonding. What a channel bonding does is that it lets the modem use multiple channels to handle the increasing amount of traffic on the modem. If you have multiple users during peak hours such as in the morning or at night, channel bonding is really helpful in accommodating all the traffic. Since a lot of arris sb8200 reviews state that this modem has 32 downstream channels and 8 upstream channels, you can expect zero latency and stream 4K ultra HD videos as well as do your regular work on the internet, all at the same time.

  • Broadcom Chipset

Arris has made a change which was very much needed in its hardware of surfboard sb8200 from the Intel Puma 6 chipset (in the sb6190 modem) to the Broadcom BCM3390 chipset. The Broadcom chipset is most popularly known for its reliability, features, and highly effective performance which is necessary for gaming. Other than the chipset, the modem also features 3 GB RAM, a pair of 128 MiB Spansion flash memory, and a 16 MiB Macronix flash memory.

  • Support for Major US Cable Internet Providers

One of the pros of owning the surfboard sb8200 modem is that it is compatible with the majority of the Internet service providers of the United States such as the Comcast, Cox, Spectrum, and many others. Although it supports them all, it’s always better to check with your internet service provider and verify if your data plan works with the device or not.

  • LED Light Indicators

On the front side of the modem, there are four LED lights with different looks and colours that show different status. On the top, it has the power status that shows the modem is ON and connected. The next one is the receive status in which green colour indicates that there’s a high-speed connection with the use of bonded 3.0 channels but if it shows blue colour, it indicates the connection with 3.1 channels. Below the receive status is the send status in which green light indicates that there’s a high-speed connection using bonded 3.0 channels and the blue light indicates the connection with 3.1 channels. The last one is the online status which shows the green colour and it indicates that the modem is connected to the internet.

  • Others

There are a few other outstanding features that we wanted to mention in our arris surfboard sb8200 review. At the back of the modem, there are two-gigabit ethernet ports and two LED light indicators as well. These two LED light indicators are different from those in the front; if it shows amber light, it means that there is a 10/100 Mbps internet connection whereas if it shows green light, it means that there’s a GigE data connection.

The feature of having two ethernet ports in a modem is pretty rare and that’s what makes the surfboard sb8200 modem so special. The reason that this modem has two ethernet ports is to let the users have a connection of two devices at the same time.

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Expert’s Reviews

  • Expert Review #1

I bought this modem due to all the hype it created back in the day. I was eager to see if it really lives up to its expectations or its just another marketing tactic that the company has played. Drumroll please, this is one of my best purchases I ever made. What I liked the most about this modem is its top-notch performance. When I first tested it, I was easily able to pull my speeds from the Xfinity services. I wasn’t expecting it to show a speed of 1.4 Gbps down and 50 Mbps up, but believe me, I saw it all and I was surprised just like everyone. In my opinion, surfboard sb8200 modem is the best one you can get right now because it’s worth every penny you pay for it.

  • Expert Review #2

It is a fantastic modem for the price range and the features that it offers to its users. It has got all the speed you would need to keep up with today’s modern high-speed data plans including the gigabit plans that companies like cox and spectrum offer. It has a good memory, standard but a tough design, and you can always get it on a discount. I would definitely recommend the surfboard 8200 modem from arris to anyone looking for a modem that literally has all the features and costs anything around a hundred dollars.


There are 4 LED lights on the front board of the surfboard sb8200 modem. The first LED light indicates power to the modem and, it should be green when the modem is ON. The second LED light indicates that the data is being received by the modem and it has two colour indicators, depending on the DOCSIS channels being used to receive the data i.e. Green if the channel is 3.0 and Blue if the channel is 3.1.

Similarly, the third LED light indicates that the data is being sent by the modem and has two colour indicators, depending on the DOCSIS channels being used to send the data i.e. Green, if the channel is 3.0 and Blue if the channel is 3.1. The Last LED indicates the connection of the modem to the internet with a green colour.

To access the admin interface of the modem, you need to type in the IP address of the modem, i.e. in any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Explorer whilst the modem is connected to the device. You will see the admin name as Arris SB8200 and, the password is set as password only, by default.

The most basic and a common sign of a modem turning bad is that the modem would not turn on. Along with this or beside this, if you find that you cannot connect to the internet at all or if the connection is not stable or continuous and is slower than it used to be, there is a high chance that your surfboard SB8200 modem has gone bad.

Final Verdict

From this arris surfboard 8200 review, you can clearly assume what our final verdict would be but just to make things clear- we definitely approve and recommend this modem. We haven’t tested it out for several months but a few of the arris sb8200 reviews state that the condition of the modem was pretty much the same even after using it for eight months. Moreover, if you are someone who binge-watches 4K content and is also a gamer, this is a must-have for you. What might be missing in your current modem, will be fulfilled by the surfboard 8200 modem. You can trust our word.


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