ASUS RT-AX88U Review: Is It Future-Proof?

Think about it; how many times have you bought something that really intrigued you at first but later realized you didn’t need it? Well, for starters, I have done that several times. We all run after owning the latest technologies even though we don’t need them.

Wondering why am I talking about all this when I am supposed to talk about the Asus rt-ax88u review? The reason behind this pep talk is that this router has wifi 6 technology, which is the latest wifi technology at the moment. So, if you are looking to splurge on this router, you need to know if you need all the incredible features it comes with.

I bet you won’t regret buying this router, however, if you are an individual who uses the internet only for browsing the internet for some time in a day then you don’t need to spend your money on this router. It’s like buying a Lamborghini Aventador when you have a family of 5 people. Get it?

Now, before starting with our rt-ax88u review, let’s get to know wifi 6 a little.

To simply put, wifi 6 is the future. In Fact, with all the latest laptops and phones coming out now, if you don’t have a wifi 6 wireless router, you will not be able to get the full benefit out of those. With wifi 6, you get a better range, better network, better battery life for client devices, and obviously, better efficiency. Once you get the hang of this technology, you will not go back to anything else!

Now that you are aware of what you are getting into, let us start with the Asus rt-ax88u review.

ASUS RT-AX88U Review:

ASUS RT-AX88U review

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  • Similarity to Asus RT-AC88U

If you are a fan of Asus routers, you surely would have heard or read about the Asus rt-ac88u. We tested it some time back and only recently noticed that the rt-ax88u and rt-ac88u are quite similar with just a few minor changes.

Both the routers have similar designs; there are four powerful-looking antennas, eight LAN ports, and 3.0 USB ports. Both of them have dual-band technology (although we expected the rt-ax88u to have tri-band), Beamforming and MU-MIMO technology. What’s different is the speeds, which makes a world of a difference. The Asus rt-ax88u has almost double the speeds of rt-ac88u so if you are specifically looking for more client connectivity, more speeds, and more range, go for the former!

  • Setup Process

The setup process for this router was like a piece of cake for me. Although having a wide space to place the router and being a not-so-beginner helped me in making the process much easier, I think that anyone can set up this router in just a few minutes. Here is what I did:

First, I connected my modem to the WAN port of the router. Then, I connected my PC to one of the LAN ports of the router. After switching on everything, I opened a browser on the PC and made my way through the IP address of the router which is And that’s almost it. I also created a new admin password because it is safer.

Once you are done, you can manage and change the settings and features of the router as per your liking. You can set up a guest network, analyse traffic, and do so much more.

  • Performance

The most important thing that we wanted to talk about in our Asus rt-ax88u review was its performance. Just by looking at its specifications, you can make out how great it must have performed, right? Speeds up to 6000 Mbps is no joke but in reality, it is not true. The truth that you must know is, no matter what router it is, the actual speeds will always be different from what they have showcased. The speeds that they display is what they get in their labs, in close proximity, but you might not get those at your place.

Even though you might experience lesser speeds than displayed, you can still get incredible speeds. Some customers and experts mention that they were able to get up to 1000 Mbps of speeds on the 5 GHz band but comparatively lower on the 2.4 GHz band.

  • Other Details

Another thing that we wanted to include in our review was: What can you expect from the Asus ax88u package? The first thing you get is a service card in case you have any troubles related to the router, then a guide that can help the setup process easier and faster, and lastly, the router itself.

Wondering how small the package is? Actually, it’s a two-storied package, so the remaining is in the next section. There you will find the four antennas that need to be attached to the router manually, another guide, a safety notice, a warranty card, a power adapter, and an RJ45 ethernet cable.

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Outstanding Features:

The Asus rt-ax88u is a robust wifi router and it deserves all the attention. We have highlighted all its outstanding features for you to check out.

  • Next-Gen WiFi 6

If you want to upgrade your router and you are looking for a router that gives you better throughput and efficiency, then a router with wifi 6 is for you. A lot of wifi routers nowadays have wifi 5 and it works great as well but with wifi 6, you get so much more.

You might not need wifi 6 at the moment but if you want to be future-proofed, you should definitely give it a shot. If you are uncertain that your devices aren’t compatible with the new wireless technology, fret not! Because wifi 6 is backwards compatible as well.

  • Dual-Band Frequency

The Asus rt-ax88u ax6000 is a dual-band wifi router which means that you get two frequencies, namely 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 2.4 GHz band has comparatively lower speeds than the 5 GHz band but it is a longer range. On the other hand, the 5 GHz band offers great speeds but can only be used for shorter distances. You can choose a band to work on by yourself at your convenience.

Honestly, we were expecting the rt-ax88u to be a tri-band router because it seems like the incredible speeds might go to waste in dual bands. Although, the performance and congestion were low when we tested it out on our devices, so it’s a win and we don’t have any complaints so far.

  • 6000 MBPS WiFi Speed

With wifi 6 in the Asus rt-ax88u, you get to experience top-notch speeds of up to 6000 Mbps. On the 2.4 GHz, you can get speeds up to 1148 Mbps whereas, on the 5 GHz, you get up to 4804 Mbps of speeds.

Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, you are right. These aren’t the actual speeds that you will get on your smartphone or PC, because these are just theoretical and have only been tested in the labs. However, you can expect great speeds and much less congestion within your devices.

  • Wide Coverage With 4 Antennas

The latest wifi 6 technology in the Asus ax88u offers almost 80% better and wider range and lets you enjoy the internet even at longer distances. Thanks to its four external antennas that can be adjusted and faced anywhere, you can now use the wifi services even if you are in your garden or the basement.

It also features the OFDMA technology which provides better coverage by imparting one channel into sub-channels. It thus helps to share channels among more users at the same time.

  • Beamforming & MU-MIMO Technology

The two things that played a major role in enhancing the overall performance and range of the Asus rt-ax88u router are Beamforming and MU-MIMO technologies. The Beamforming helps with focusing all the range onto devices that are being in use. The MU-MIMO on the other hand helps with lesser congestion between the devices being used at one time.

Expert’s Reviews:

  • Expert #1

When I purchased the rt-ax88u, I had no high expectations because I was just looking for a wifi 6 router and wanted it to be from Asus. But I am so happy with all the greatness that came along with this device. My workflow has been extremely smooth because now I get up to 2 gigabytes of speed and I can stream and edit 4K without any trouble. It’s so insane to see the transfer rates go up to 250 megabytes per second.

So, if you are looking for a device to reduce your dropping during important Zoom meetings or while playing online games, this is what you need. Even if you have a family at home and everyone is using the internet, get this device.

  • Expert #2

Let me just say this out loud that this router has been such a game-changer for me and it is truly one of the best wifi 6 routers in the market. Asus has left no feature out in this router. It is marketed as a future-proof router and it definitely is one because you get everything that you want to be sorted for future purposes.

From high speeds to reliable connectivity options, you have everything that you need in the rt-ax88u. Even though it misses the tri-band technology, it has still nailed its dual-band technology. You get what you pay for with this router.


  • Design

If you have seen a lot of routers, I’m sure that the rt-ax88u won’t surprise you much because it has got the look of a traditional router with antennas and ports and everything. But if you notice clearly, what differentiates it from others is its super dope dark angular design. But again, this is kind of expected from Asus, nails it every time.

The first thing you would want to do before using this router is to attach its four external antennas. Because only then would you be able to enjoy the looks of the router on your desk. When you take a look around the router, you will see on the front, there’s a small flap wherein there is a USB 3.0 port. And on the other side of the front, you will get a button to turn off the LEDs, and a universal wifi on/off button.

Along the top of the router, you have the LEDs starting from the left, power LED indicator, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz indicator, followed by a WAN indicator, LAN indicator, front panel and rear panel USB indicators, and a WPS indicator at the end.

Now coming on to the backside of the Asus ax88u that you usually don’t see; you have a power on/off switch, then a DC input port, a global reset switch, and a WPS button. In the middle portion, in between the two antennas, we have eight gigabit LAN ports, and after that a WAN port, and lastly a USB 3.0 port.

  • Connectivity

You never know how many devices you will have in the future, right? So, it’s always a good idea to be future-proofed. And for that, Asus rt-ax88u has got you covered. It has eight-gigabit ethernet ports which allow you to connect so many wired devices at the same time. Moreover, the first two gigabit LAN ports can support link aggregation, so you can have faster transfer speeds.

Apart from the LAN ports, you also have two USB 3.0 ports to connect your USB or SSD stick. All in all, you have plenty of connectivity options to get you sorted for the future!

  • Other Features

We have pretty much covered all the features in our Asus rt-ax88u review that needed attention but there are a few more specifications that you get in this router. First up is the Adaptive QoS feature which lets you prioritize the traffic onto a particular client of your choice and not let any other device interfere with its bandwidth.

Another great feature is the AiMesh, which connects with multiple Asus routers and creates a seamless experience for the entire home. AiProtection, on the other hand, is all that you need for security purposes. It includes Parental controls, security from online threats, and firewall protection.


  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.4 x 2.4 inches
  • Ethernet ports: 8 x 1G LAN ports, 1 WAN port
  • Coverage: Up To 5000 sq. ft.
  • VPN support: Yes
  • Wifi Band: Dual-band- 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz
  • USB ports: 2 x 3.0
  • Number of devices: 35
  • Wireless security: WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK
  • Memory: 256 MB flash and 1 GB RAM
  • Number of antennas: 4
  • Alexa voice control: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years

Why Is The ASUS RT-AX88U The Best To Have Amongst Others?

We know how tricky it is to find a wifi router that has the perfect balance of high speeds, great range, and reasonable prices. However, we believe we may have something in store for you that will fulfil all your requirements. With the Asus rt-ax88u, you can expect the least amount or almost zero lagging because it is one of the fastest routers we have tested.

Although the price you pay for it is twice of ordinary routers, you get the worth of every penny spent on it. How? The speeds of ax6000 are incredible, it can cover up to 5000 sq ft which means large to very large homes, the design is impeccable, the connectivity options keep you future-proofed, and the amount of customization options you get is something you don’t usually see in other routers.

If you are still not convinced about the router, I highly recommend you check out our Asus rt-ax88u review to get an in-depth knowledge of what the router has in store for you.


Is RT-AX88U worth it?

The rt-ax88u is a sure investment and worth every penny that you pay for it, according to me. There are various reasons why it is loved by people, number one being the incredible speeds that you get along with it. Even though you get 1000 Mbps of speed from this router, it is still more than enough for most people. You can stream videos and play games without having to worry about any congestion.

Is the ASUS RT-AX88U a modem?

The Asus rt-ax88u is not a modem, instead, it’s a dual-band wifi router with the 802.11ax technology. It claims to have speeds up to 6000 Mbps combined on both the bands and can cover distances up to 5000 sq ft.

When was ASUS RT-AX88U released?

The FCC approval date of Asus rt-ax88u is 14 February 2018 and the estimated release date is 10 October 2018. It was priced at 350 USD initially when it was launched.

Does ASUS RT AX88U support mesh?

Yes, the Asus rt-ax88u supports the AiMesh wifi system which automatically selects the best wifi signal for seamless internet for the entire house. This system is designed to work how you want it to; read more about it in our section of Features & Specifications.

Is the Asus RT-AX88U tri-band?

One of the cons we mentioned in our Asus rt-ax88u review was that the router only had dual-band technology and it lacked the tri-band technology. One might wonder about the router being a tri-band after looking at the 6000 Mbps of speeds but it is not the case. Even though it is just a dual-band router, it must be credited for how seamless that experience has been created in this router.

Final Verdict:

We get how intimidating it is, having to spend a wholesome amount of money on a router that might seem like just another regular router in the market with high speeds and range. But the rt-ax88u is very different from others when it comes to performance and the difference is made by the 1.8 GHz quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM.

If you notice, in other routers with the same or lesser speeds, you won’t get these specifications. And this is what makes this router a great choice. This router was initially released with a high price tag but you can now find it at much less rates so keep an eye on Amazon and grab it whenever you can see it on a discount!


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