5 Best DSL Modem Router Combo In 2022 [Reviews & Buying Guides]

When you are getting any type of electrical device, besides their specification and the overall quality and brand reputation, the compatibility with your existing devices has to be checked. And here, choosing the best device in the market may not essentially be the best choice. Why you may ask?

Because when an electrical device is not compatible, even though the best, you will not get the optimum result expected of it. The same theory applies to a router and modem combo. So, unless the specifications of your router and modem are in sync, the internet speed will suffer.

The easiest way to ensure this is by investing in the same brand for the router as well as the modem. But when you want to enjoy uninterrupted wireless internet at home, the aim is also to declutter the workspace with minimal wires and gadgets. So why invest in a separate router and a modem?

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Before going further, let’s understand what a DSL modem router is. It is basically a type of two-in-one device which allows users to enjoy the benefit of a modem along with a router. A DSL modem is a device that is mainly used to help direct traffic around your home network to make your network more stable. Having a DSL modem is the best way to deal with the issue of internet connections as well. With the help of a DSL modem router combo, you can easily connect multiple devices to access at the same time along with a proper flow of internet connections on each device (Check out our post on best wireless router for multiple devices). Not only this, but the DSL modem router also provides access to share files without going online. Some of the DSL modem router combos allow users to connect the network without using any cable or wires. This is the best way to connect wirelessly for laptops or tablets.

Now that we are clear on the term and its uses, let us introduce you to the best DSL modem router combo in 2022.

What is a DSL Modem Router Combo?

The modem transforms the signals from your ISP or Internet Service Provider to all wireless devices which can use Wi-Fi. The conversion to wireless signals is done through a device called a router. Earlier, these two used to be two separate bulky devices and you cannot get the advantages of one without having the other. But in a DSL modem router combo, both these devices are integrated into one unit and you will not require a separate device. This makes the usage convenient, compact, easier to install and extremely space-saving.

The signals your modem receives are analogue signals which are converted to digital ones for the various devices to understand, thus rendering the modem elemental. But with such combined units, you can get a wireless solution as well without investing extra for a separate device.

The overall convenience of the DSL Modem Router combo and their easy installation and superior performance contribute to the rising demands they witness.

Benefits of a DSL Modem Router:


One may wonder why to invest in a modem router combo instead of buying separate units. After all, routers and modems as individual devices are much more affordable compared to this combined unit.

For someone without any space crunch on their computer desk, this may seem like an unnecessary investment but for others, it might be the right choice. So let us give you some of the benefits associated with the best DSL router modem combo:

  • It is a more affordable option in the long run. Most internet service providers give a modem for rent when you choose their connection. But over the months this can be significantly expensive when compared with the one-time investment on a DSL router modem combo. The initial installation cost may be more, but the savings on the monthly rental is huge.
  • You do not have to make space for two bulky devices to get the best internet connection when you have one single unit which can work as both router and modem. You get to reduce storage space as well as the effort required regarding installation.
  • Since it is a single device, the installation is quite easy. You do not need additional plug points and wires. The procedure is straightforward and you can easily complete installation in less time.
  • The router and modem are similar devices that are universally compatible so troubles are minimal. Even if there is an issue, you can easily sort it out.
  • When you get a router-modem combo, it provides better connectivity for wireless as well as a wired connection.

Do You Need A Special Router For DSL?

DSL or digital subscriber line requires a special modem as it transfers signals differently. telephone wires are used for sending analogue signals which are converted to digital ones for your computer to understand. For this purpose, a modem is necessary that is designed uniquely for DSL. However, when you have an internet connection through the cable, it uses coaxial cables and a cable modem.

But what if you have a DSL connection? It is steadily becoming the more popular choice. But it will only connect to your device when you have a DSL modem specifically. This is why a DSL router and modem combo is the most suitable choice.

Why Is My DSL Modem Router Combo Internet So Slow?

The slow internet connection can be frustrating, especially in times when we rely so heavily on the internet. The problem becomes even more acute when the slow internet is a consistent problem. However, if you can find out what leads to the trouble, you will be able to sort it out quickly. The internet connection is consistently slow when there is an infrastructure malfunction with the router or from the ISP.

The DSL modem router combo is like a compact and all-around solution for internet connectivity and gives the best result only when all the components are working perfectly and are in sync. Together, they manage the data traffic such that there is no overloading and hence not damaging to the hardware unit.

However, if there is any overheating from lack of proper ventilation in the device, it can lead to malfunctioning which in turn disrupts the internet connection. Also, electromagnetic interference from nearby devices like a microwave, other routers and even baby monitors can cause this trouble. Last but not the least, connecting more devices to the router than it can handle also leads to this issue.

By recognizing which is the specific issue regarding your device, you can quickly and effectively minimize the troubles caused by a slow internet connection.

Best DSL Modem Router Combo Reviews:

1. Arris Surfboard SBG10 Cable Modem Router

best dsl modem router combo

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On top of the list of best DSL modem router combo, we have the arris surfboard sbg10 which is an ideal one for any plans that offers speeds up to 300 Mbps. We wanted to introduce you to this product at the start because it offers quite a long list full of features that are very useful and it is one of the easiest devices to install. This way it makes a smart choice for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in setting up their own systems.

It is a DOCSIS 3.0 that has download speed up to 686 Mbps and is also equipped with 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels. It has AC1600 routing capability and 2-gigabit ethernet ports on the back which is great to connect it to devices such as printers that use USB connection. The combo is designed to support both the IPv6 as well as IPv4 and is also compatible with major cable service providers such as Infinity, Spectrum, etc.

  • Pros
  • Good speeds
  • Affordable
  • Employs LED indicators
  • Compatible with major ISP
  • Quick to install
  • Cons
  • Lacks wifi boost technologies

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2. Netgear Nighthawk C7000 Cable Modem Router

best dsl router modem combo

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Gaming is not just a sport, it’s a passion. Having interference while pursuing your passion is a nightmare but with the Netgear c7000, it’s not any more. If you are looking for a DSL modem router combo that is just as powerful and amazing like your gaming skills, then Netgear c7000 is the one you must pick. Although it comes at a high price tag, we believe it’s worth it.

It comes with the latest DOCSIS 3.1 and it features 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels. It is built to support cable internet plans with speeds up to 400 Mbps which is more than enough to enjoy 4K HD video streaming and high-speed internet gaming without a hitch. It offers solid performance with the help of its 1.6 GHz processor, dual-band ac1900 technology, and 4-gigabit ethernet ports. For a more reliable and better experience, this combo comes with beamforming technology that helps wireless signals to travel farther and cover up to 1800 square feet. And that’s not it, this combo is compatible with major cable service providers and is certified for Xfinity, Cox, and Spectrum.

We could go on and on with its specs, but we want you to check out more such amazing modems designed especially for gaming.

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  • Pros
  • Can connect up to 30 devices and cover 1800 square feet
  • Gives solid performance
  • Supports beamforming technology
  • Employs 32 x 8 channel bonding
  • Fast and latest DOCSIS 3.1
  • Cons
  • A bit pricey

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3. Netgear C6250 Cable Modem Router

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What is it that makes up for the best DSL router-modem combo? We feel that it must have a stable internet connection without any lagging issues, it must offer solid performance, and it must be worthy of its price tag. Well, you just got sorted here with the Netgear c6250 because it has got all of it and it is affordable.

This DSL modem router is compatible with a majority of cable providers and is certified by Xfinity, Cox, and Spectrum. It is great for those who have apartments, homes, or even offices whether big or small as it can cover an area of up to 1500 square feet and provide connectivity for up to 25 devices with speeds up to 1600 Mbps. You will be surprised to know that at such an affordable price too, it does not compromise on providing good connectivity options; it has two-gigabit ethernet ports as well as one USB port. It has good security options too and it is engineered with DOCSIS 3.0 and 16 x 4 channel bonding.

  • Pros
  • Affordable
  • Classy-looking design
  • Compatible with major cable providers
  • Fast performance
  • Stable internet speeds
  • Cons
  • Lacks wifi coverage technologies

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4. Motorola MG7700 Cable Modem Wifi Gigabit Router

dsl modem router

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Motorola is a brand that has never (that we heard of) failed to offer its best products and services to its users for years now. It is a brand that so many people trust blindly and this is the reason it is still in the market. We had to include the Motorola mg7700 in the list of best DSL modem router combo for all the right reasons.

Before introducing you to its powerful punch of features, we wanted to mention its design because how can we not appreciate it? It is vertically elevated which takes up less shelf space and looks so sleek and luxurious with its grey and black design. Other than the design, it also has some really great features. It is an AC1900 and a DOCSIS 3.0 with a speedy 24 downstream and 8 upstream channels. It can support internet speeds up to 650 Mbps which is more than enough to let you play online games, stream HD videos and more such activities. It features 4-gigabit ethernet ports, wifi amplifiers, and advanced firewall security and is compatible with major cable service providers.

Still, confused if you want a combo or separate modem router devices?

Take a look at both: Best DSL Modem 

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  • Pros
  • Great connectivity options
  • Solid and fast performance
  • Ideal for big as well as small homes
  • Employs beamforming technology and wifi amplifiers
  • Offers download speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Cons
  • Lacks telephone jack
  • A bit pricey

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5. Motorola MG7540 Cable Modem Gigabit Router

best dsl modem router combo

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Last but not the least, we have Motorola mg7540 in the list of our best DSL router-modem combo. We will not use any fancy words to describe this beast (oops!) but we will just layout facts for you.

Starting with talking about its installation which is something the non-technical geeks find the most difficult part. Well, you all can relax because this device is one of the easiest to install, setup, and activate. It is designed just like most of the Motorola modem routers and has that vertically elevated sleek look. It ensures a reliable and fast internet connection with its dual-band technology that can deliver up speeds up to 1600 Mbps. It comes with DOCSIS 3.0 which has download speeds up to 686 Mbps; 16 times faster than the DOCSIS 2.0. It has 16 downstream channels and 8 upstream channels and is equipped with AnyBeam technology that results in increased range as well as speed. This DSL modem router combo is best for people who are on a budget but still want something reliable and fast.

  • Pros
  • Affordable
  • Reliable and fast performance
  • Easy to install and activate
  • Supports Beamforming technology
  • Designed to minimize shelf space
  • Cons
  • Lacks USB port

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6. Netgear N300 WiFi DSL Modem Router (DGN2200)

best dsl modem router combo

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The Netgear N300 Wi-Fi DSL Modem Router (DGN2200) is known for its exceptional wireless compatibility. This is a popular choice among users who need uninterrupted wireless connections throughout their home uniformly. The router has several advanced features that ensure the stability of the internet connection and is particularly compatible with the DSL network. It comes with beamforming+ technology with 802.11 ac standard wireless and 5G connectivity that gives optimum internet speed you can expect.

The customization options available for this DSL router-modem combo particularly attract the customers as it can be tweaked as per the requirement of every member of your family. Parental control, as well as access control, can be managed through the NETGEAR genie app. Moreover, the network security implementations and the overall intrusion prevention systems are updated and strong enough to prevent any kind of unauthorized access.

Overall, if you are searching for a safe and secure but highly functional device, the NETGEAR DGN2200 is a great choice.

  • Pros
  • It has network mapping options.
  • It has multiple USB ports so that you can connect to more devices.
  • The setup is beginner-friendly and easy.
  • You can remote access the device using the Netgear app.
  • It has the Beamforming+ technology which improves signal strength.
  • It has dual-band connectivity for a more stable connection.
  • Cons
  • The default encapsulation may cause intermittent disconnection.
  • It is a little bulkier than other devices in this genre.

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7. TP-Link Archer D7 AC1750

dsl modem router combo

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For long-range coverage, the TP-Link Archer D7 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router is the best option you will find. The AC signals of this router are very powerful so even big households can experience a uniform internet connection from every corner.

Though it has a bulkier design, this DSL router modem combo unit is speedy and consistent. It can be hooked on the wall so; it will not take up much space despite the design. The device supports next-generation Wi-Fi standard 802.11 ac as well as 802.11n which makes it much faster than the wireless N routers. There are 1 Gigabit LAN/WAN port as well as 3 gigabit LAN ports.

Users who have heavy internet traffic have tried and tested to report that the performance indeed has been satisfactory. It also comes with Archer D7 dual functionality USB 2.0 ports which can connect with can help to share a printer with all the devices as well as computers on the network. The setup is easy and its auto-detection intelligent feature further ensures a smooth setup process.

Overall, the router allows complete control over its functionality to the users while giving heavy-duty performance, making it a coveted choice.

  • Pros
  • It has a high-speed transfer rate.
  • It has two multifunctional USB ports that can be used to connect several types of devices.
  • It is easy to install and set up the device.
  • It has separate guest access solutions.
  • It is IPv6 compatible.
  • Cons
  • The downstream speed is only 24MBps.
  • It does not support a VDSL connection.

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Best DSL Modem Router Combo Buying Guide:

If you are new to purchasing any technical devices, then you might be a little confused since we have laid out all the amazing and best-selling DSL modem routers. Let’s make your buying experience seamless with the help of our buying guide which will take you through all the factors that are necessary to consider.

  • Ports

One of the best DSL units should have reliable and high-speed ports. If you want an ideal DSL modem router, make sure to check out if that device has an ethernet port as well as a USB port. The Ethernet port of the modem allows users to connect to any computer or other devices instantly. On the other hand, USB ports play a significant role in the field of functionality. Make sure to prefer ethernet ports and to check that all ports are RJ45 jacks with one RJ11 port.

  • Compatibility

Before choosing any DSL modem router combo, check whether it is compatible with the DSL service. You can contact your ISP and DSL service provider to solve your queries. Make sure to prefer the most compatible DSL modem router as it will allow you to provide better internet connections. Any specific device you choose should be consistent.

  • Ease of Use

One of the essential things to consider while purchasing a DSL modem is that it should be easy to operate and use. Make sure to take a demo of how it works beforehand if you can, and see how it is used. If you are a pro at using technical devices, you might feel convenient, but the device must be easy to use for ordinary people too. In our opinion, an ideal DSL modem should also have LED indicators. There should be easy to access systems with buttons and ports. Make sure to check the guide list of that device to ensure better set up.

  • WiFi Settings

One of the best types of DSL modem also allows wifi setting systems. Most of the excellent modem comes with wifi features and allows us to connect with wireless systems. Make sure to check the wifi setting features for better and convenient services.

How To Make DSL Faster?

Now that you have learnt about the possible reasons behind the slow internet, it is elemental to take the steps accordingly to minimize the trouble. Here is the possible solution to each type of reason behind the trouble. By executing them thoroughly, you can ensure that the DSL is significantly faster:

  • In case the router is malfunctioning because of overloading or overheating, reduce the number of devices connected to the router at a time. Also, minimize the data drawn by each device to avoid congestion.
  • In case the device is getting affected by overheating, place the modem on an open shelf and ensure it has enough ventilation. Once the heating is minimized, the normal functioning of the router will also be restored and so will be the internet speed.
  • Keep the infrastructure of the DSL updated. This includes the software as well. When you are using the latest updates of the DSL software, that can also affect the internet speed. In terms of hardware, you can add a pots splitter and 5 ethernet cables to improve the speed.

How Can I Boost My DSL WiFi Signal?

Detecting the problem with the hardware is not the only way to boost the DSL Wi-Fi signal.  There are several other steps that you can take to ensure that the DSL Wi-Fi signal is consistent and optimized:

  • The router placement has a signal role in determining the internet connection strength you get at home. Place it somewhere central in your house so that you get uniform connectivity from all the corners. Placing the router at a slightly higher position also improves the signal strength.
  • You can rely on additional Wi-Fi extenders to improve the strength of the signal and thus enjoy a better connection.
  • Keep devices that emit radio magnetic waves such as mobiles and microwaves away from the router as they interfere with the signal. Also, keep the router away from thick walls, metal blocks and doors as these can become obstructions too.

Boosting the DSL Wi-Fi signal will ensure you get the maximum utility out of your DSL modem router. Let us show you the right steps to connect these routers successfully to the DSL modem.

How To Connect A Router To A DSL Modem?

To get the optimum use out of the DSL modem, the device has to be connected correctly. It is a very easy process, but any mistake can lead to an error with the internet connection. The steps below will guide you on how to connect the DSL modem:

  • First, assemble the devices required to set up the connection. This includes the telephone line for the internet and the DSL router modem combo device and any other cables required.
  • Connect the router with the telephone line and then connect it to the power source. Place the router on a stand such that the vents are not blocked.
  • The ethernet cable must be plugged into the ETH-WAN port and the other end of the cable must be inserted into the yellow ethernet port. Plugin the other ethernet cables into the wired devices at Ethernet 1, 2 and 3 ports.
  • Once all the connections are done, turn on the power source and the connection to the DSL modem will be successful.

To ensure the wires used for the purpose are not defected for the setup to be successful. Last but not the least, make sure the power source plug and the connected wire are fully functional.


We hate paying bills, don’t you hate it too? If you find yourself nodding your head while reading this, we suggest you buy yourself a DSL modem router. Not only can you save yourself from that torture but also save yourself some money. Your annual rents for modem routers can go up to $60-$120 depending on your service and you don’t even get the speeds you need. But when you own a DSL modem router, you get the speeds you desire and save your money in the longer term.

Here is an article that you can check out in case you are looking for the best wireless router for charter spectrum.

Here are a few reasons that will convince you to buy a DSL modem router combo:

  • As mentioned before, getting your own DSL modem router will save you money because who doesn’t like it? Use that money you save from your cable providers to buy yourself that watch you have been eyeing on for a while or get a treadmill you can exercise on.
  • Buying a two-in-one product is so fun and space-saving. Having a separate modem and router will make you think about proper placements for them twice.
  • Last, if you get a modem router combo, you won’t have to worry about them being compatible with each other because that work is already done for you. Cool, right?

Sorry to say but we don’t think we can answer that question because we kind of already did that!

Now since we have already made a post about it and introduced you to all ours as well as a lot of people’s favourites, the least you can do is make a choice and click on the ‘Buy on Amazon’ to grab the product before it sells out.

Final Verdict:

The DSL modem router combo is undoubtedly a useful option for anyone who prioritizes an organized workspace and high performance. They are expensive but when you witness the performance and think of the advantages, in the long run, this is indeed a great choice.

Finding the perfect DSL router modem combo that can be connected to your personal network will ensure you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. The best DSL router modem combo will be easy to install and by keeping in mind the suggestions shared here, you can easily make the most of them.


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