Netgear CM700 – Best Cable Modem For Comcast XFINITY?

Do you get annoyed every time you take a look at the monthly bill that you receive from your cable service provider? Well, it’s time you change that by buying your cable modem! This way you’ll never get to see a bill from your internet provider’s end and you can enjoy the benefits of having your cable modem. 

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If you have already taken a spin in the market to buy a cable modem but are afraid of the price tags you saw, we have got you all covered. Cable modems come in different price ranges but if your requirement is only to cover a small or medium sized space along with minimal activities, then netgear cm700 modem is your best pick. It is affordable and would align perfectly with your space along with letting you enjoy a wide range of latest features. Besides, these are not just the reasons we recommend this modem, Netgear is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to manufacturing modems and even routers. One can rely on this brand in terms of advancements in the technologies as well as the durability of a product.

If everything that we just said above sounds perfect to you, then you should raid this post as you are going to enjoy this netgear cm700 review. We went the whole nine yards and covered every aspect of this modem so you can make a better decision.

NETGEAR CM700 Reviews:

cm700 review

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  • Design

We love how Netgear makes its modems and routers. Just to warn you that we are constantly going to appreciate this brand because we genuinely like its products! Now, coming back to its design, it looks fierce but still manages to be graceful. It stands vertically and features sharply angled lines along with bright LED indicators and triangular vent holes. The reason why it is made to stand vertically is because it will acquire less space and hence it makes up for a great modem for small spaces. Not just that, but this also creates more airflow and keeps the device cool for a long period. The front panel of the netgear cm700 has the usual LED indicator lights that shows what’s working and on the backside of the device you can find the connections such as the WAN coaxial cable connector, an ethernet port, a power input, and an on/off button.

  • Setup

The part that most people hate about having their cable modem is the process of setting it up and that is what we wanted to talk about in our netgear cm700 review. Unlike other modems in the market, the setup process of this one is extremely straightforward and easygoing. It employs a simple procedure of connecting the power, plugging in the ethernet and cable connection, and at last, pressing the power button. After this, there is a complete hands-off proceeding wherein the modem takes the responsibility of further configuration as it supports automatic activation.

  • Performance

The next thing that we wanted to focus upon is the performance of the modem that most of the people miss out on talking about in their netgear cm700 reviews. To start this discussion, let’s clear out one thing that there are two kinds of speeds you need to be aware of. The first one is the advertising speeds/the potential bandwidth and the actual speeds that you get. The bandwidth of netgear cm700 modem is 1.4 Gbps but the maximum download speeds can only be converted to 175 Mbps/second that too only if your internet service provider allows. But overall, it’s tricky to find the performance that this modem provides. It’s great because of its powerful processor, great channel bonding, and latest technologies.

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Outstanding Features:

  • Compatibility

A highly versatile modem, as per Netgear CM700 reviews, is a widely compatible model that works with Cox, Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, Spectrum and Comcast, to name a few. The modem has been officially certified to work with all these companies. It also works with other companies, but it is wiser to check that first. However, it is not compatible with Verizon, AT&T, DSL and similar bundled voice services.

  • Speed

The device is designed to use the fastest technology for communication in the market. It has a potential maximum bandwidth of 1.47Gbps. With compatible internet service, the download speed can be as high as 175mbps with Netgear CM700. This means the device is fast enough to download even a 4K movie in 10 seconds. The high speed that is consistently maintained by this modem with any network connection is a primary reason behind its popularity.

  • DOCSIS 3.0

Cable modems run using a technology called DOCSIS. The concept is to convert the data into a frequency that can be transmitted via cable lines along with other mediums. DOCSIS 3.0 is the latest version, which allows the channels to be “bonded”. This means, all the channels are used together to give an ultra-boost to the internet speed. Netgear CM700 modem uses this technology. Unlike DOCSIS 3.0, DOCSIS 2.0 could give the maximum speed of 42mbps per channel.

  • 32 x 8 Channel Bonding

The Netgear cable modem CM700 has 32 downstream and 8 upstream channel bonding, that is, 32 channels for download and 8 for upload. This means it is 32 times faster than the predecessor technology of DOCSIS 2.0, you get very smooth streaming, even for movies, and TV shows. This is a technology that is still relatively unexplored but also one that makes Netgear CM700 modem so popular.

  • Quad-Core Processor

To process the high amount of data flow and connect with the different compatible networks, the modem is equipped with a quad-core processor. If you are looking through any Netgear CM700 review, they will mention this feature. The powerful modem also increases the longevity of the modem to some extent.

  • Dynamic Handshake

A very useful and unique feature of the modem is the “Dynamic handshake”. It functions by recognizing the signal it is receiving and configuring the settings accordingly. Once you connect the cable and turn it on, the initializing process will start on its own soon enough. In case the dynamic handshake does not work for any reason, you can always your ISP who can help with the setup.

Expert Reviews:

  • Expert #1

I had an old cable modem that I had bought around back in 2007 and honestly it was still working but it only had a few channels. I needed to upgrade my modem and the netgear cable modem cm700 caught my eye a few months ago so I decided to go for it. I get full speed with it and I don’t seem to have any problem with this modem so far. I can recommend this one as it is pretty simplistic and it gets the job done for me. There might be good modems out in the market but this one works very well for me because it gives great performance in under a hundred dollars which is rare to find.

  • Expert #2

I chose to change my modem to get m//y optimum internet service. With my older modem that I got from my cable service provider, I had to pay a monthly ten dollar fee. It was an okay modema and nothing went wrong with it but I just wanted to get that ten dollar charge off of my monthly bill. I did some research and found out that the netgear cm700 high speed cable modem would be perfect for the services I was looking for. I also found that channel bonding is important and this modem comes with 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels which is pretty cool. This was a smart purchase and I will say that over time, it will pay for itself.


Netgear CM700 is certified as officially compatible with Xfinity. Not only that, it is also certified compatible with other similar network providers like Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and more. It is compatible with other network-providing companies too but it is best to test it out first before you invest in it.

It is compatible with Cox, Comcast, Time Warner brothers, Spectrum to name a few. Cable plans up to 500 Mbps are compatible with this modem. Furthermore, it is compatible with Windows Me, XP, Vista, 7 and up, Mac iOS and even Linux operating systems.

For any kind of troubleshooting for the modem, you can contact through the official website of the product and mail them regarding the same. You can also contact them directly at the customer care phone number- 1-866-874-8924. Also, check with your internet service provider to ensure it is not an issue from their end with the internet connection.

All Netgear products come with 1-year warranty and complimentary 90 days technical support. For refundable Netgear products, the warranty is of 90 days and complimentary technical support is another 90 days. To enjoy the benefits of the warranty period, you must first register the product through their official website within 90 days of purchase.

The Netgear cable modem CM700 uses Intel Puma 6 Chipset. Some features of the chipset are one core and two threads, processor base frequency of 1.2 GHz and cache of 256KB. While the features are attractive, there are some known issues with the chipset like lagging in webpage loading and gaming experience. However, this may not be a major problem given the powerful hardware features that Netgear CM700 has.

Final Verdict:

The netgear cm700 modem is handy, user-friendly, and at the same time powerful. We couldn’t really find even one con as to why this shouldn’t make it to your place. It has got all the features that you could ask for at such an affordable price. Besides, it is easily available on Amazon so if you spot it online, make sure to buy it as it is quite demanding these days.


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