Netgear Nighthawk AX12 Review [2022]

“Woah”, “Jaw-dropped”, “Need this in life”, etc. These were some of our reactions when we first met this beast known as the Netgear Nighthawk AX12 Wifi Router. If you are a tech geek just like us, we bet you want this in your life or even if you don’t, this review will definitely give you a reason to take this router into your home.

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When we first took it out of the box and saw it, the first thing that came to our mind was that the design of this router kind of resembled a spaceship! The packaging contents consist of a manual which can be used to set up the device, one long black ethernet cable, and a power brick. You can easily close and open the router from its sides through the help of its ‘wings’ and it is honestly very fun.

When you invest your hard-earned money in an expensive product, you expect something extraordinary from it. And when buying an expensive router, you expect high performance, fast speed, great features as well as a luxurious look. Well, you can sit back and relax because Netgear ax12 is going to meet your expectations and beyond.

Before laying out its features, we would like to share our thoughts on how we liked the product and what we all didn’t like about it and so here is our Netgear nighthawk ax12 review.

Netgear Nighthawk AX12 Reviews

No one can ignore the fact that how amazingly nighthawk ax12 has been designed. It’s like you have a spaceship right in your hands which is honestly not that bad. It is quite large in terms of the size and the dimensions of this router measure 22 cm by 29 cm by 24.5 cm. The wings are what sets it apart from other routers and it seems like they have a bit of futuristic effect on the whole body of the router. The wingspans are also quite large as they measure about 17 cm in height. For ventilation purposes, there is an availability of a fan as well as a grill. This also keeps the router cool and doesn’t let it get heated up.

We were surprised to see what happened when we first closed the router. When you lift one of the wingspans and bend it over to close it, you can see four exposed wires and this is not just on one side but on both the sides which gives you a total of eight aerials. On the back of the Netgear ax12, you get an on/off button for the LEDs, a power button, two USB ports, four ethernet ports amongst which two are aggregated together, an internet port, a multi-gig port, a DC connection port and a reset point. Overall, the looks as well as the connectivity options are quite good and we liked it.

The installation and process of setting it up was very easy just like it claimed and there were no troubles. You get a Netgear nighthawk application that is there to guide you throughout the process. To use the app, you just need to enter your credentials and log-in and you are done. The app was really helpful and easy to use.

Nighthawk ax12 does claim to have pretty good wifi coverage and it seemed to be good to be true to us. So, just to see what the fuss is all about and if the claims that were made were true or not, we tested it out. We didn’t go that far from the router, but we were easily able to stream and watch 4K videos in the cell phone from a distance of 1300 feet from the router. We can definitely vouch for the range and say that you can stream HD videos and play games from any corner of the house and you won’t have any difficulties connecting your device to the router.

Everything is great about this router right from its looks, the build quality, the connectivity to its performance but we have our concerns, not a lot, just a few. What we thought went missing in Netgear ax12 were the malware protection and parental controls. If these things were taken care of, then nothing could really beat this router at this price.

nighthawk ax12 review

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Now that you know our nighthawk ax12 review, let’s move on to its specifications.

The first outstanding feature that we wanted to talk about that this router has is the Wifi 6, which is a brand new and latest wifi standard also known as the ‘AX’. However, this feature is only beneficial for the devices that support wifi 6. Wifi 5 which is the earlier version or the current generation, is actually ‘AC’ which is what currently most of the users have and wifi 4 is the wireless ‘N’ which is also present in a few of the current routers. It is quite obvious that newer versions are better than the older versions but we will tell you why we are saying this. Wifi 6 has more clients or devices that can be connected to a single access point in a certain area as compared to the older versions. This wifi also uses a feature known as the OFDM which splits up a wireless channel and allows more transfer of data per channel. This way, a lot of people can use and take advantage of the internet without any interruptions. And because of this feature, nighthawk ax12 claims to run smooth and fast internet for up to 30 devices at once. Impressive, right?

Netgear ax12 is a dual-band router and an AX6000 where in AX means that it supports wifi 6 that we talked about earlier, and it supports a total speed of 6000 on either band. It claims to provide speeds up to 1200 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and speeds up to 4800 Mbps on the 5 GHz band. We know that this is some heavy and almost next to impossible claims but these have been tested out in their labs where they do not consider factors such as range and interferences from physical objects such as a door.

Nighthawk ax12 is a 12 stream wifi router where it supports 4 streams on 2.4 GHz band and 8 streams on 5 GHz band. It is also powered by a 2.2 GHz quad-core processor, 1 GB of flash memory, and 512 MB of RAM. And as mentioned above, it has a WAN port and five LAN ports where one port can be used as a dedicated gaming port.

As far as safety and security is concerned, Netgear ax12 hasn’t really outshined itself but the basic requirements have been fulfilled. It supports the latest WP3 encryption as well as the denial of service protection and hence you can block certain websites or services.

A few other features of this router that we wanted to lay out for you includes the MU-MIMO technology, beamforming plus technology, its smart connect, double firewall security feature, and the Amazon Alexa voice control.

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Customer Reviews

We have been talking about how great this router is since the beginning but we must tell you that it’s not just us who is impressed by this router’s features. Here are a few of the customers that have given their Netgear nighthawk ax12 review.

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I visited my friend’s house a few months before and there I saw the Netgear nighthawk ax12 wifi router. I was really impressed by the looks of the router and when I heard about its features, I was stunned. Keeping in mind the high price tag, I waited for a few weeks and then as soon as I saw a discount on this router on Amazon, I bought it immediately. What I love about this router is honestly, everything. I get some amazing connectivity options, great coverage because I do live in a big house with my family. Just to test if it actually connects and works on 30 devices, I connected all of my 20 devices to this router. Do you know what happened? It worked brilliantly!! I can not recommend this router enough, just go and get it.

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Absolutely love how my nighthawk ax12 looks in my room. The build quality is really nice and the installation process was so easy. I did have second thoughts before purchasing this router since it was a bit on the pricey side but I couldn’t really find the features that it provided, in any other router. It is so powerful that it easily handled 4K UHD streaming on 8 devices simultaneously. The coverage is great which is obvious as it has built-in MU-MIMO as well as beamforming+ technology. You can go for it if you have the budget and you won’t regret your decision.


Netgear ax12 is a super fast and handy router for families whose members use the internet daily. And since this router has the new AX wifi technology, it can provide a stable connection for up to 30 devices. This way everyone can stream videos and play games at the same time. Another benefit of this technology is that even if you are using the internet for up to 30 devices, it won’t slow down or interrupt your streaming as it supports OFDMA technology.

There are so many things you can do to upgrade or increase your internet speed. First of all, make sure that you have placed your router in a place somewhere in the middle of the house or where you mostly sit and use your internet. You can also change the channel or the band you are currently using, or you can check if there is a device your internet is connected to which is not being used and cut it.

Final Verdict

Netgear ax12 is a powerful, reliable, fast and a wifi router that supports wifi 6. If these are the features that you want in your router, then we don’t think there is any other better option than this in the market. It is a solid choice that comes with a solid price. It is expensive but it’s worth it if you have a large house or a big family. In our opinion, only then you get to take full advantage of this router.


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