Nighthawk X8 vs X6 [Latest Comparison Guide 2022]

A high-quality router with the best features can help you get uninterrupted internet round the clock. Just imagine the hassle you can face in this era of work from home when the internet keeps getting disconnected because of router problems? But with a good router, the problem can be avoided to a significant extent.

But how to select the best router as per your requirement? There are many different brands of routers available in the market but when you choose the best, it will last for years as well as ensure that you get seamless connectivity all the time. One such remarkable brand for routers is Netgear and their Nighthawk series is commendable.

The primary conflict that arises for customers is while choosing between nighthawk x8 vs x6. There are some slight differences between the two routers in terms of features and overall performance.

To make an informed decision while shopping for the best routers, choosing between the two becomes much easier when you closely compare the devices and analyse the advantages they offer.

Comparison of X8 and X6:

In brief, we are going to discuss nighthawk x8 vs x6 to give you an insight into what to expect from either of the routers. The features and the differences have been compared side by side for your reference in the table below:

Features to Compare Nighthawk X8 Nighthawk X6
Processor 1 GHz 1.4Ghz
Quad-Stream No Yes
Wi-Fi Speed 3200MBps 5.2 Gbps
Antennas 6 4 internal 4 external
Amazon Alexa Yes Yes
MU-MIMO support No Yes
Ports 4x1G 6x1G along with 2 port aggregation support
Weight 1.03lbs 1.7lbs
Dimensions 2.14″ x 11.54″ x 8.92″ 13.79″ x 11.62″ x 4.57″
Main Feature Tri-band gigabit technology MU-MIMO Support for faster internet
Circle Smart Parental Control One-month free trial No


1. NETGEAR Nighthawk X6

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The Nighthawk x6 has several impressive features which are definitely good enough for a personal internet connection. The Nighthawk x6 should be your go-to choice if you are looking for a wifi with an impressive range suitable for a fairly large house or condo. The six external antennas are powerful enough to cover such a wide area.

Furthermore, the security features provided by NETGEAR ensure your network is protected against unauthorized access and hacking.

All-in-all, this tri-band router is ideal for heavy duty users who need uninterrupted and high speed internet throughout the day and tends to shift their work-station often.

Key Features:

  • The Wi-Fi range is 3500sq.ft which is good enough for a more than average big house, thanks to the six antennas.
  • The security of the router is commendable as it is protected by the NETGEAR Armor Security system. All the data transferred through the network for all the client devices will be protected by this system. This even ensures that your home network is protected against intrusion when you are away.
  • The speed is significantly high and stable even when it is connected with multiple devices without any dip in the internet speed. The tri-band router can ideally give up to 3200MBps.
  • Pros
  • Can seamlessly connect with multiple devices without any fluctuation in the connectivity.
  • The six antennas ensure optimum performance.
  • Tri-band gives better connectivity and stability solutions.
  • There is one 2.0USB and 3.0USB port.
  • Can easily connect to Amazon Alexa.
  • Small and compact design without compromising the power.
  • Cons
  • It is very expensive.
  • Lacks an eSATA port
  • Not fast enough for a tri-band router.

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2. NETGEAR Nighthawk X8

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Another tri-band router, this is a more upgraded version of the Nighthawk x6, as the name suggests. Users who need the best possible internet speed will find this very useful as you can get upto 5Gbps transfer rate with this router.

If you are an online professional gamer or even a casual user looking for sufficient internet speed to live stream your entertainment through the day, you will highly benefit from this option.

Apart from the great speeds, the best part is that there are 8 antennas to give you a wide range of network access. Four are external antennas while the other four are internal ones.

Equipped with voice control, integration with Alexa and Google Assistant, altogether make this one the best choice for buyers looking for the best router without a worry about the budget.

Key Features:

  • The speed of the Nighthawk x8 is excellent and if you are into heavy gaming and live streaming, this is going to ensure uninterrupted service as it can provide a speed of up to 5Gbps.
  • The range is also exceptionally high as it has 4 external and 4 internal antennas. This is especially suitable for larger houses or mansions as you can connect any device from any corner of the house.
  • The security system is also noteworthy for this router and all your data on the network is protected by premium solutions from Netgear.
  • The tri-band technology is fast and hence, you get reliable and smooth internet connectivity round the clock. Also, the device relies on Beamforming+ that further increases the speed of the internet.
  • It can connect with multiple devices at a time without any lagging thanks to the high clock speed of the processor.
  • Pros
  • The router is extremely fast and is very suitable for avid gamers and those who have more than average internet usage daily.
  • There are four active and four internal antennas which make the connectivity with any of the client devices much more stable.
  • It can easily connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. As a result, the Wi-Fi can be controlled easily with voice instruction.
  • There are multiple Ethernet ports.
  • Cons
  • The router is rather much heavier compared to other routers in this segment.
  • When you opt for smart connect, all three bands are not covered.
  • The USB port is hard to reach since it is hidden under the flap.

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Similarities of X8 and X6:

The Nighthawk x8 vs x6 also bring forth several similarities between both the routers which usually cause confusion while choosing between either of them. In terms of performance, the primary similarity is in the build and design as they both come from the same brand and the same series.

Let us take a comprehensive look at the comparison between the two routers in terms of several factors:

  • Bandwidth:

Both the routers, X6 and X8 are tri-band routers and both have one 2.4Ghz bandwidth and two 5Ghz bandwidths. However, the nighthawk x8 has a larger bandwidth compared to X6. The bandwidth of Nighthawk X6 is 3200MBps and it is split into 600MBps for 2.4Ghz and 1300 for 5Ghz. In the X6 you get 1000MBps in 2.4GHz and 2166 in the 5Ghz.

  • Processor and Memory:

The memory and processor are significantly higher for the Nighthawk X8. The Nighthawk X6 has 128MB flash memory and 256 MB RAM. The X8 also has 128MB flash memory but 512MB RAM. Also, the processor clock speed is 1Ghz and 1.4Ghz respectively for X6 and X8. Thus, the Nighthawk X8 is much more capable of handling a larger nuMBer of devices and can perform much faster.

  • Connectivity:

The specifications are rather basic in X6 with one WAN and four LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports. There is also one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port. However, the X8 comes with extra Ethernet ports as well.

What Features Differentiate The Products From Each Other?

As we compare Netgear nighthawk x6 vs x8, there are few subtle differences which you will come across.

The first thing is the difference in Wi-Fi speed. The Nighthawk X6 has a maximum speed of 3200MBps or AC3200 while the X8 has a speed of 5.2Gbps or AC5200 which is undoubtedly much faster.

The X8 is much heavier too weighing at 7.01 Lbs and has a sturdier built quality while the X6 is 1.03Lbs.

The processor clock speed is 1.4Ghz for the X8 router, much higher compared to the 1Ghz of the X6 router. However, in terms of usage, it really comes down to what is the maximum requirement you have and how the internet is used on a daily basis by the different client devices.

Which Is Ideal For Your Usage?

Choosing between the two products can be rather difficult and is largely determined by the purposes for which your router is used. The speed of the internet you require, the average and the maximum number of devices connecting to the wireless, the network connection provider, average streaming duration through the day, your budget- all play an important role in determining the best product.

It goes without saying that in terms of the features, Nighthawk X8 appears more powerful and feature-packed but it is also expensive. Do you need such a powerful router for the home network is the question you need to ask here? Nighthawk X6 can suffice for most households with average internet surfing requirements. The Nighthawk X8 appears more equipped for offices or users who have more intense internet usage.

The Nighthawk X8 has features that surpass that of Nighthawk X6. The best part is that X8 has more antennas and hence a better distance range and you can enjoy better network stability from any corner of the house as you connect your device.

In a nutshell, one can conclude that if your usage is average and your client devices are less around the house, the Nighthawk X6 will suffice. But if you have the budget and wish for a heavy-duty router that gives connection stability even at a bigger distance, then Nighthawk X8 is the one for you.


The range is the distance up to which you get the signal strength from the wireless device. For the Netgear Nighthawk X6, this range is 3500 sq. Ft. which is good enough for an averagely large house and its surroundings. However, do note, it is always best to stay closer to the wireless device to get the best signal strength possible.

The Netgear Nighthawk X6 is a tri-band router and well equipped to handle as many as 96 devices at a time. However, the higher the nuMBer of devices connecting to the Wi-Fi and intensely using the network, the lower will be the speed if more devices are congested in any one of the bands of the router.

The longevity of the router largely depends on the brand and the model which you are choosing. Netgear routers are known for their durable design and can easily last for several years if it is maintained well. The Netgear Nighthawk range of routers is specifically a high-end series of routers that are known for their advanced technology which is futuristic and can give you maximum usage in the coming years.

The most common problems which indicate its time to replace the router are the internet traffic slow down, increased download time, the internet disconnecting frequently, poor signal strength despite no error on the network providers’ end. These are some of the major indicators the router is not performing up to the mark. Usually, such problems start occurring after several years of using the router.

Yes, the Netgear Nighthawk X6 is an NBN compatible and tri-band router with a 1ghz dual-core processor. It can be easily distributed to an NBN connection.

Final Verdict

Both Nighthawk X6 and X8 are high-quality routers in them and are noted for their features. The Nighthawk X8 is a more upgraded device with powerful features compared to X6. But in the end, it all comes down to the requirement you have and whether the chosen router can fulfil all of them satisfactorily.

Now that you have a detailed comparison of both the routers, your task would be to clearly devise the priorities. Once you have a clear vision of the use to which the internet connection will be put, choosing between the two devices should be easier.


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