7 Best Outdoor WiFi Range Extender In 2022 [Reviews]

I would be a millionaire if I got a dollar for every time I had to leave having a good time by the pool to catch up on the events of work because I didn’t have an internet connection outdoors. Seriously! It’s a mess. Maybe you would agree with me if you were the victim of bad internet connections outdoors.

So, what’s the solution for people like us who want to enjoy scrolling social media or just listen to some good music in the sun? Well, I found one that isn’t very heavy on the pocket and is also basically, the best one; an Outdoor wifi range extender!

If you already know this is, then you can easily browse through the best outdoor wifi extender mentioned below. However, if you are a newbie, stay with us and know what this term means and what it can do for you.

If you want to enjoy uninterrupted wifi connectivity even while you’re outdoors, then an outdoor wifi range extender is a reliable way to achieve that. This device can easily expand the coverage area of your wifi network. It connects wirelessly to your router, and by receiving signals from your existing wifi, it can amplify and boost the signal; so, you enjoy a faster wifi connection over a wider area. The best part is that if you happen to have a weak signal outdoors, this helps you enjoy faster connectivity outdoors.

Outdoor WiFi Range Extenders Reviews

Understanding the demand for a high-quality outdoor wifi extender, we decided to try and test some of the most in-demand brands and their respective models. Based on our experience, we have narrowed it down to seven of the devices which fulfilled all the criteria more or less. Let’s get started with the reviews so you know the best product that you can invest in:

1. Winegard RW-2035 Extreme Outdoor WiFi Extender

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Wingard is one of the best outdoor wifi extenders available today and noted for several outstanding features. The most striking feature of this outdoor wifi extender is its range. You get a 1000 feet range of the existing network connection without any dip in the performance. So even if you are accessing the internet from the lawn, it should not be a problem, though the device is set-up indoors. In the box you get the user manual, and the product.

I wished they also provided an extra ethernet cable with this as many of us do not have one lying around to start the setup process right away.


  • The design is very sleek and sturdy.
  • You can also set up a guest network for extra security.
  • It is easy to connect using a simple indoor power inserter with an ethernet cable and the setup will be done.
  • Your wifi gets an extended range by another additional 1000 feet which lets you access the internet even outdoors from your lawn and backyard or from another building nearby.
  • It is equipped with three omnidirectional high-gain external antennas and hence you get connectivity over a larger range than possible through your router alone.
  • Pros
  • Set up secure and separate networks for guests easily.
  • The installation is simplified and all you need is an ethernet cable. and PoE.
  • The design is very sturdy and sleek.
  • You can extend the wifi range to 1000 ft which is incredibly large and ideal for large office spaces, bigger mansions and even for using the wifi from a separate building nearby.
  • Cons
  • It does not come with an extra ethernet cable.
  • The device is expensive.

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2. JOOWIN AC1200 High Power Outdoor Wireless Access Point with Poe

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The JOOWIN A1200 outdoor wifi range extender has been around for some time and its sleek design with fantastic features make it suitable for domestic internet as well as for offices. Since it supports the latest wifi technology, it is compatible with most of the latest models available today.

Furthermore, the weatherproof design made it an ideal choice for those who want to set it up for expanding the range outdoors too. The different modes add to the flexibility further.

Last but not the least, the dual band access is an additional advantage to get uninterrupted services round the clock.


  • The installation is easy and it is powered by PoE with a simple mounting system on the pole as well as the wall.
  • It has an IP-66 rating and is weather proof which makes it ideal to set up outdoors without worrying about the impact of harsh climatic conditions.
  • The outdoor wifi range extender supports AP/router/bridge/repeater modes making it a versatile device that fulfils the network requirement in a different environment.
  • You get 2*5dbi Omni-directional Dual antennas that ensure uniformly stable coverage over a larger area.
  • It can connect with 802.11ac wifi which is the latest version and three times faster than Wireless-N.
  • It has a dual-band outdoor access point to boost the coverage of both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. You get a maximum of 867Mbps on 5Ghz and 300mbps on 2.4Ghz.
  • Pros
  • The device supports the latest wifi version of 802.11ac.
  • It supports dual-band network access.
  • Multiple mounting options make it easier to install it anywhere you want.
  • It is a weather proof device that can be installed outdoors.
  • The device supports multiple connectivity modes and can cover larger areas like your lawn or backyard when you set it on AP mode.
  • Cons
  • Device Availability can be an issue from time to time.

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3. WAVLINK AC1200 High Power Outdoor Weatherproof wifi Range Extender

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If you are looking for a weatherproof outdoor wifi range extender specifically, the WAVLINK AC1200 is one of the best choices there is. Moreover, the detachable antennas let you have the last say about the range of the internet as per your convenience.

The weatherproof connector and PoE together ensure the device is secure enough and easier to install anywhere you want. The internet speed is fairly high even when you are further away from the modem and a fluctuation is rarely witnessed. This device too, comes with multiple operational modes which adds to the utility.


  • There are multiple operational modes like AP, Repeater, Mesh Etc. You also get client and client repeater mode on this device for different wifi connections.
  • There is also a built-in lightning arrester of 15kV ESD and also comes with a robust weather proof case that helps it to withstand any weather condition.
  • It is also integrated with a weatherproof RJ45 connector and Passive power over ethernet or PoE that gives you flexibility with the installation.
  • You can get internet speed up to 150mbps from the 2.4Ghz band and 867mbps from the 5Ghz band on this dual-band outdoor range extender.
  • There are four dual-band omnidirectional external antennas that can increase the range of the wifi up to 30dBm/1000mW.
  • Pros
  • The price is affordable compared to other products in this segment.
  • Installation is very easy.
  • Multiple modes of wifi connectivity let you enjoy higher flexibility.
  • The device comes with detachable antennas so you can reduce the range at will.
  • Made weatherproof as well as equipped with Lightning arrester.
  • Very robust and durable built quality that is ideal for outdoor use.
  • Cons
  • Despite the attractive features, the wifi range is comparatively limited to other similar devices but for the price, it is quite good.

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4. NETGEAR EX6110-100NAS AC1200 WiFi Range Extender

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NETGEAR is a known name in the domain of routers, modems and anything related to wireless connectivity. So, they will have one or the other product that will make it to this list.

The EX6110-100NAS AC1200 outdoor wifi range extender is a compact device that is useful for increasing the wifi range within a large house. Its compact size and lack of external antennas can be rather misleading about its performance and power.

So, if you are looking for a Wi-Fi range extension within your home, this is a great choice.


  • The smart LED indicators can help you find the best location to set up the wifi extender.
  • The device is equipped with fast lane technology and has an easy setup procedure.
  • It is a simple wall-plug device with internal antennas and does not take up too much space within your house.
  • The Netgear wifi range extender is a dual-band device and you get up to 1200Mbps speed combining 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bandwidths.
  • Pros
  • The LED indicators are particularly useful to find the wifi range.
  • Despite the small design, its Fast Lane technology helps you get speedy internet from any corner of the house.
  • The small and compact design is ideal to install discreetly inside the house.
  • Cons
  • It is not weatherproof.

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5. TP-Link 2.4GHz N300 Long Range Outdoor CPE for PtP and PtMP Transmission

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This is another device built specifically for outdoor use and ideal for those who are a fan of the TP-Link technology. The brand has been around for a while and time and again provided high quality network and connectivity devices that are best suited for a robust user.

If you are already using a TP-Link router, then this Wi-Fi extender can be very useful for you. It is weatherproof, comes with multiple mode support and has a very sleek and convenient design.

Moreover, the remote access and resetting options are also quite useful to maintain firmer control over your network.


  • You can reset the device remotely with the help of an application.
  • It can operate at extreme climatic conditions like -40 Fahrenheit and 158 Fahrenheit.
  • The transmission power of the device is adjustable.
  • It works as an access point with an antenna and helps to extend the wifi network outdoors up to the said range of coverage.
  • The speed you get is up to 300Mbps on a single bandwidth.
  • The coverage is up to 60meters.
  • Pros
  • It can pull wifi into metal buildings as well.
  • Uniform and amazing coverage all over the property.
  • The price range is attractive.
  • The wifi range is extended up to 200ft or 60meter which is commendable.
  • The connectivity is extremely stable.
  • Cons
  • You need an ethernet and computer port for the setup.

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6. NETGEAR Orbi Outdoor Satellite WiFi Extender

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The NETGEAR Orbi Outdoor satellite wifi extender is one of the best outdoor wifi extenders available. Do not judge its power by the small and compact design for it is one of the most popular choices for users who wish to extend the Wi-Fi connection all around a fairly large house.

It is a mesh or whole-home type of Wi-Fi system that ensures you get uniform connectivity from any part of the house even if you are sitting farther away from the router. The whopping 5000 sq.ft coverage means this device is all you need for a large house or mansion.


  • There is also built-in theft protection as well as antivirus.
  • The setup is easy and there are several features like parental control, guest network, and application for remote control.
  • The device works on tri-band technology and comes with a built-in ethernet port.
  • There are two in-built satellites for covering the entire house.
  • It is expandable further with the help of the multiple modes available.
  • The wifi extender can cover 5000s. ft. area uniformly.
  • You can get up to 3Gbps speed from an extensive area.
  • It is a whole home Mesh system that gives uniform coverage over a larger area.
  • Pros
  • Reliable and consistent performer as a brand.
  • Any wifi issues are solved through the Orbi technology successfully.
  • Uniform connectivity available over 5000 sq. Ft. without sacrificing the performance.
  • The device is widely popular and proclaimed to be better than its competitors in the same segment.
  • The overall step up and installation is very easy.
  • Cons
  • The connectivity suffers when installation is not done correctly.
  • Reports available of Firmware issues.
  • Premium support will come for extra charges
  • Tech support is slow.

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7. TP-Link Omada AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Outdoor Access Point

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This is a dual-band device that is encased in a weather proof enclosure so that you can install it outdoors as well. This is another tried and tested device for users looking for a water and dustproof outdoor wifi extender and can be used without any slag in the performance.

It is also certified with IP65 standards and comes with passive PoE compatibility. Since it supports the MU-MIMO technology, the internet connection is not just stable but much faster than what you generally get through these devices.


  • It is capable of supporting the latest technology for Mesh wifi, seamless roaming and more.
  • Remote cloud access together with the Omada App lets you centralize the cloud management for the whole network from different sites.
  • You also get the option for remote deployment in the latest version of the device with zero-touch provisioning.
  • The Omada SDN Platform integrates the network devices easily and also includes APs, Switches and gateways with multiple control options as well.
  • It comes with a durable and weather proof encasing though it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.
  • The device supports the latest 802.11ac MU-MIMO technology and delivers up to 1200Mbps internet speed to multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Pros
  • Multiple connectivity modes let you get the maximum utility out of the device.
  • It is perfectly suitable for large mansions, parks, parking areas, outdoor café and more.
  • You get high-speed internet without fail and uniformly throughout the entire house.
  • The weatherproofing makes it a stunning performance even in the harshest weather conditions.
  • Sleek and convenient design for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • Cons
  • Comparatively expensive than other devices in this segment.

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Outdoor WiFi Range Extender Buying Guide

We know that we have given you the best outdoor wifi extender options and it can be difficult to figure out which one’s for you. Hence, here is a buying guide for you to make the decision-making process much easier.

  • Frequency Compatibility:

One of the first things you need to consider before buying an outdoor wifi range extender is if it is compatible with your modem or router’s frequency band. The most commonly used frequency bands are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If your modem/router is compatible with only 2.4 GHz but you bought an extender with dual-band compatibility, it would be a waste.

  • Coverage:

The main reason why you are looking for an outdoor range extender is that you require good coverage, right? Consider the distance you want to cover, is it just your garden, your garage, or your office. For example, if you need an extender to cover your home, you can go for one that will give you at least 60 metres of coverage. All the above-mentioned outdoor wifi range extenders cover a pretty good distance and you can easily pick any one that suits your needs.

  • Easy Installation & Usage:

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert at using technical devices, you always want things that can save you some time and effort. Quite obvious, right? Consider an outdoor wifi booster that is easy to install even if you are an expert so that you don’t end up spending hours installing it. Also, look for an extender that can be easy for you to use because a lot of times devices come with no guide or instructions.

  • Connectivity Options:

The more features you get in a device, the better it is. A good outdoor wifi range extender should have enough connectivity options for current as well as future usage. Be sure to look for the number of devices that your extender can connect, the number of USB ports and ethernet ports it has. As mentioned, the more the merrier.

  • Speed Limit:

Another factor that you should consider before buying an extender is its speed limit. No matter how much coverage you get from your extender, it won’t be of much use if it doesn’t let you do your work. If you don’t get enough speed, you wouldn’t be able to listen to music, attend your meetings or play games from afar. All the outdoor wifi range extenders listed above have incredible speeds so that your sessions don’t lag.


A wifi extender does expand the range of the wifi network. They can also reach their signals in the dead spots where we are unable to access our router. But how effective the network will be depends on certain factors, like the distance of the router, internet speed or the number of users in your family.

No, it is a myth that a wifi extender slows down your internet. A wifi extender boosts our internet speed. The device is designed in a way to spread the signal of the modem equally throughout your house even outside.

Without the use of any external help a wifi router can reach up to 150 feet distance. This figures an increase up to 2,500 feet in case you take extra help from wifi extenders, boosters and repeaters.

Well, that depends on you. But it is more secure to switch off your router if you are not using it at night. This would prevent anyone from hacking into your device or using your network without your consent. But switching off your device won’t be necessary in the first place if you know that it has good network security.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best wifi range extender is easy when you have a clear vision of what exactly you are looking for. But with so many different brands and devices available today, the choice can become an overwhelming decision. To make it simpler, we have shared some of the best devices possible with you.

Now that you have a fair idea about the different features to look for as well as the pros and cons of the various available models, the choice should not be too difficult. The key is to look for a wifi extender keeping in mind the places from where you are most likely to access the internet.

Since these are quite expensive, deliberating upon the requirement is an important step towards investing in one.


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