Synology RT2600AC – Complete Buyer’s Guide 2022

The wide-ranging use of the internet has brought both connectivity and speed within the reach of our fingertips. In today’s virtual world sending and receiving text messages can be carried out within fractions of seconds. This is why the speed of connectivity of the Internet has become a priority no matter where in the world we are.

Factors affecting the speed of our Internet can be varied. People dive into believing that the speed of the internet connection is reliant upon the high-speed internet connection from the service provider. But this is not entirely true. There is one crucial factor that predetermines the speed of the internet connection that one is paying for. It is the modem that enables access to the broadband network by converting the data speed and then transmitting it to various devices.

In this context, it has to be said that a modem from an unreliable distributor can lead to an unpleasant internet browsing experience resulting from bottlenecks present within network connection thereby leading to the loss in both internet speed and data. To this end, the Synology RT2600AC comes style packed with a host of features designed to deliver stunning results in terms of internet browsing experience due to its smoother, flexible, and reliable performance.

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The Synology brand may not come across ringing with the same brand recognition such as that of NETGEAR or ASUS in the market. Perceiving this would be a mistake as the Synology RT2600AC is an excellent router. It comes designed with a bag full of fascinating features that are designed to suit your tastes in view of excellent internet performance having both stability and speed of internet connections.

Synology RT2600AC router is amongst the best budget routers in the market. In terms of budget, it outperforms most high-end routers available in the competition.

We understand the importance of a great modem in today’s world. This is why we have a Synology RT2600AC review for you to understand all the features and benefits you shall get with the Synology RT2600AC router.

Synology RT2600AC Reviews:

synology rt2600ac review

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To begin with, this Synology RT2600AC review lets us tell you that the Synology brand is an extremely underrated brand. But this does not the underlying assurance of quality internet service delivery, durability, and efficiency of the internet connections. The Synology RT2600 router modem comes as the most significant upgrade in terms of technological improvement by Synology compared to its previous products. After, spending a considerable amount of time in research we were able to draw and enlist its salient features as a Synology RT2600 review to aid in your understanding of the router-modem functionalities.

To start with the Synology RT2600 modem, it comes amongst the impressive wireless routers imbued with a host of fabulous features and designs capable of delivering stable connectivity and premium speed quality. It offers robust performance as a network storage server having designs facilitating operations of an external hard drive. It offers facilities for hosting several broadband connections and creating customizable home networks with advanced features. Moreover, amongst the additional impressive features of the router is its functionality as a network storage server (NAS) when connected across an external hard drive. This enables the facilitated sharing of data and stream contents to the local and remote clients.

It is amongst the most budget-friendly routers that can outperform even the most high-end routers within the market today. It has adopted a more traditional design style equipped with four undetectable antennas that come classically packaged within. In this respect, Synology has primarily emphasized on the performance aspects of the router. Every aspect ascribed with its design comes with a sense of purpose. The LED status indicators are to be found on the frontal side of the router beneath the Synology logo. The black matte finishing ensures the fact that the unit’s surface can avoid fingerprints and stains. It also offers excellent ventilation facilities enabling enhanced airflow. The large nondetachable router feet further strengthen the above said ventilation facilities.

The installation and setup of the Synology RT2600AC router are incredibly easy and quick. It can be done on one’s own without any professional help. The installation process hardly requires 10 to 15 minutes at most which are inclusive of unboxing and the full proof set up of the Wi-Fi network. Once a settled spot has been decided within the house all you need is to plug in the router and wait till the booting up process is completed. Once done connect the router with the PC desktop and proceed with the installation within the setup wizard and the router setup will be done. Now, that we have delved so far into the RT2600AC review let’s focus upon some of the outstanding features of the Synology RT2600AC router. 

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Features and Specifications:

  • Beamforming and MU-MIMO technology

The Beamforming features present as a part of the router package renders in reliable and faster network speeds with buffer free internet operation under every possible scenario of operations. This gives rise to zero lagging in the internet browsing experience. This ensures a stress-free and completely free online browsing experience within the internet. Moreover, the MU MIMO technological features enable the support of several devices without having a downward spiral in the throughput speeds. The MU MIMO enables the top-tier performance of the Synology RT2600AC router owing to the ability to support devices on multiple platforms while keeping stable internet speeds of operation.

  • Simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 ac)

The simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 ac) incorporates features that enable dual-band functionalities that are equipped with features facilitating network connections having a high speed of operations and durable strength of connections designed to withstand even hostile weather conditions. The prescribed speed within the router is great for assisting professional and personal work. The awe-inspiring feature of this router is the fact that it can optimize the enabled features present within the router package and deliver throughput speeds within ranges rarely found amongst mid-range routers available in the market.

  • Comprehensive Add On features

The comprehensive add-on feature of the Synology RT2600AC is its package center which is essentially an app store where users can add one or more features or functionalities within the router. If you intend to operate your router as a VPN server install the VPN package. If it is required that you intend the router to download files on itself, install the Download Station package. Moreover, the home network can be made secure by installing the Intrusion Prevention package which also comes as part of the comprehensive add-on features. The important facet underlying these free apps arise in view of the fact that they are extremely well designed, have comprehensive detailing which, in turn, would require separate reviewing of their very own.

  • Dual WAN Ports

The Synology RT2600AC offers dual band features imbued within its design enabling it to deliver express speeds of delivery within the network. It can deliver throughput speeds having a ceiling value of 1,700 Mbps at the 5 GHz band while delivering speeds of 800 Mbps at the 2.4 GHz band. The Dual WAN ports have been designed where the usual one WAN port has been designed to connect with the modem while the four LAN ports are designed for wired clients. Its design features incorporate facilities that allow the turning of one of the LAN ports into WAN ports which can, in turn, sustain two broadband services at the same time. This facilitates heavy internet usage without any drop in internet speed.

  • SRM Operating System

The SRM or Synology Router Management operating system incorporated within the router comes across as one of its stellar distinguishing features. It resembles operations closely resembling that of Operating systems like Windows or MAC. The feature of the web interface installed within allows the opening of several windows simultaneously enabling search notifications and transition effects to pop up.

  • Quad-Stream 4×4 Router

These features enable high-speed delivery to the router network and its constituent components. It incorporates dual band wireless connectivity ensuring ceiling throughput speeds up to 1,700 Mbps at the 5 GHz band while a speed of 800 Mbps at the 2.4 GHz band. The above said facts are theoretical considerations only. Nevertheless, the case of the Synology RT2600A router gives real-time throughput speeds that are very close to the above theoretical speeds.

Outstanding Features:

  • Compatibility

Synology RT2600AC has excellent compatibility features attributed to it. It has its own equipped unique operating system (OS) known as the Synology Router Management (SRM) which has its interface resembling the popular OS Windows. Moreover, the Synology RT2600AC comes equipped with its own mobile router known as the DS router allowing users efficient management of routers within their homes when required. Furthermore, the DS router also comes equipped with features rendering them compatible with iOS devices and Android.

  • Parental Control

The parental control features imbued within the Synology RT2600AC can be ascribed to the strong settings and built-in features of filtering present as part of the download station that can enable the download of files from a variety of sources such as the DHCP and FTP servers. This is inclusive of the web filtering features such as the Parental control features designed to blockade specific domains and block internet access on the grounds of categories such as adult, advertising and social media content, and so on. The block can be manually scheduled or set for the categories concerned.

  • Streaming

The Synology RT2600AC offers a variety of features that facilitate streaming. The wireless router has dual-band quad stream features imbued within which can provide ceiling throughput speeds of 1,700 Mbps on a 5GHz band, while speeds up to 800 Mbps on 2.4 GHz. Moreover, the comprehensive design features incorporated within enables the user to connect external hard drives thereby rendering its functionality as a network storage server (NAS) that allows sharing and streaming of data amongst local and remote clients. Moreover, the highly customizable features render customization of the Wi-Fi network. The RT2600AC built-in SRM is perhaps the most advanced firmware installed within routers of the current day. It incorporates a download station that enables downloading of files from various sources including file-sharing services, DHCP servers, and FTP servers.

  • Setup

The setup of the router can be done extremely quickly. It can be done without any professional help. The expected total time duration of the setup of the router is about 10 to 15 minutes. The Synology RT2600AC primary placement can be carried out in open spaces within our houses. Once the router is plugged into the power outlet, let the booting of the router take place. After that, connect the router with the PC desktop and head onto its official portal. The further installations pertaining to the router can be carried out within the setup wizard.

  • Connection

The Synology RT2600AC accommodates a wide array of features within it. It can support multiple broadband connections at the same time. It hosts a superb firmware that hosts a quad stream (4×4) router having its ceiling throughput speeds at 1,700 Mbps at 5 GHz band and speeds up to 800 Mbps at the 2.4 GHz band. It has an embedded operating system known as the Synology Router Management (SRM) within its firmware. The SRM, unlike its counterparts, offers multimedia features resembling a modern operating system whereupon the web interface enables opening and searching of multiple windows simultaneously for transition effects or search notifications.

  • Speed

The Synology RT2600AC comes with style-packed features that have been designed with the view of delivering excellent internet services both in terms of stability and speed. It incorporates dual band wireless connectivity ensuring ceiling throughput speeds up to 1,700 Mbps at the 5 GHz band while a speed of 800 Mbps at the 2.4 GHz band. This bears a close resemblance with most 802.11ac routers available within the market. This renders it fast enough to deliver a high speed internet connection. This speed is great for supporting both personal and professional work. The hallmark feature within the router is that it optimizes the imbued features present within it and delivers throughput speeds within ranges that are rarely found amongst the mid-range router in the market.

Expert’s Reviews:

The Synology RT2600AC comes with a host of features that allow a flexible selection of available tools that can aid the user make the most out of the network for various uses. The utilization of such management tools is relatively easy. The various wireless technologies incorporated such as MU-MIMO, Wave 2, RT2600AC can meet or even exceed the expectation of users. Amongst the available mid-range routers, the Synology RT2600AC comes highly recommended within the market. Its additional features greatly outweigh its slightly expensive cost.

The most notable feature of the RT2600AC is the SRM Operating systems (OS). On testing the RT2600AC one finds out that the speeds at the frequency bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz turn out to be nearly the same as the prescribed theoretical speed i.e 1,700 Mbps on the 5GHz band, while speeds up to 800 Mbps on 2.4 GHz. The MU-MIMO ability to support multiple devices while keeping abreast with stability in internet speed does place it amongst the top-tier routers available in the market.

Apart from that, it has a unique OS installed within that has multimedia interfaces supporting windows or MAC type functionalities. The price range of the Synology RT2600AC router is stacked at $200. As it is present within the market for quite a while now, its price has depreciated. This makes it more affordable than that of the newer routers which also do bear the same price tag. Given the current price tag, it has to be said that it hosts several outstanding features with an additional unique OS.


The Synology RT2600AC features Dual WAN operations. It consists of one WAN or internet port that facilitates connection with the modem and four LAN ports that facilitate connection amongst wired clients. It is also equipped with features that can enable configuration of turning one of the available LAN ports into second WAN ports thereby facilitating the use of two broadband network services at the same time of operation. This facilitates heavy internet usage without incurring any significant drop in internet speeds. However, it does not come equipped with telephone jacks.

The speed attributed to internet connections is dependent upon the bandwidth of the network. Given this fact, it has to be said that the questions related to speeds of the internet connections can be framed in an entirely different way. How does the Synology RT2600AC affect the speed of the network, when connected with a PC? It is entirely dependent upon the crucial factor of bandwidth associated with internet connections. This makes it entirely reliant upon the internet subscription that you are making use of at the present moment.

If it so happens to be the fact that you are making use of an ISP that is capable of providing 200 Mbps speeds in internet connections, the router will deliver the speed provided by the Internet supplier provider (ISP). Nevertheless, if the speed that is required is greater than the allocated speed that is possible for the router, there will be subsequent compromise leading to the change of the router model. In this regard, it has to be said that the RT2600AC is capable of providing very high speeds ranging up to 800 Mbps comfortably within the various network-connected devices.

The Synology RT2600AC is extremely simple in its setup and installation. The Wi-Fi network can be set up fully within a time span ranging from 10 to 15 minutes. If you plan to set up the RT 2600 AC router within your home the installation of the router can be carried out by following very simple steps. Firstly, connect the router to the power outlet and wait for the router to complete the bootup process. Next, connect the router with the PC desktop and open the official web portal page to obtain the default login credentials. After that, make relevant adjustments within the setup wizard and the router is all set up and functioning.

The utmost unique feature of the Synology RT2600AC router arises due to its exceptional firmware which comes imbued with the Synology Router Management (SRM) software. The SRM is built as a modern operating system with operations resembling similarities with MAC OS and Windows. The web interface present within allows the opening of several windows which consist of transition effects, search notifications, and a wide array of features. They assist facilitated operations in light of the fact that one can become entirely at home with the SRM owing to the similarity of operations resembling modern operating systems such as Windows and MAC.

The Synology RT2600AC may not come as a brand ringing name such as that of ASUS and NETGEAR. This in effect, does not undermine the underlying assurance ascribed with the quality of its products that is capable of delivering quality internet service delivery having durability and efficiency of internet connections. It hosts several outstanding features that are rarely found in the case of mid-range routers of the same range.

Final Verdict:

The Synology RT2600AC comes packed as an extremely reliable router designed with features geared to deliver high speed, stable and strong internet performance. It might not come with the same brand ringing name such as NETGEAR or ASUS, but it hosts a ton of outstanding features that results in the optimization of internet speed and strength of connectivity. Moreover, it comes style packed with features that lie beyond the range of other mid-range routers available in the market. This leads to a high-performance routing experience that exceeds expectations. Furthermore, it comes equipped with customization options integrated with a wealth of exciting features that are designed to facilitate user experience while optimizing the network connection.


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